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MeraJob.in has come a long way as India's 1st Job Matching Portal

This is our story.

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Matching the Right People to the Right Jobs

Save on Hiring Cost and Time with Pre-Screened Profiles

Jobs...Lives...and getting the right people in the right jobs.

Finding a job that is better, makes for better lives. That could mean signing-up for a role at a retail store closer to home versus the administrative job which is a long commute and which does not tap the job aspirant’s intrinsic skills.

The Employment marketplace for mid & lower level jobs does not enable good matching of job seekers and job requirements. This requires finding a combination of function, industry and role where the candidate’s skills are most relevant.

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As India's No.1 Pre-Screening company, we believe limitations of current job sites are

  • Poor alignment or matching job seekers’ and employers’ seriousness, interest and suitability for jobs. Some jobs receive far too many applications and similarly some candidates may attract more employer attention
  • CVs are not a good tool to assess suitability. This does not provide ratings on key skills; details of responsibilities etc. Hence CVs are not really designed for quick screening of candidates from amongst large numbers
  • Application process to posted jobs leads to many irrelevant applications. Similarly, Search of candidates on a job portal may lead to spending far too much time on screening dis-interested candidates
  • Jobs may only be aggregate from sources where the employer is not actively engaged or even looking for candidates

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 MeraJob's Value Proposition


A CV++, the SmartProfile™ is a unique visual representation of the candidate’s complete profile. It captures details that are typically missing in a CV, such as skills, location, intent to join, industry preference, etc. It is created and regularly updates by our recruitment executives.

Pre-screening of candidates against job-opportunities

This ensures that the candidate profiles are richly detailed and constantly updated, thereby resulting in better matches. Each incidence of pre-screening is accretive as it helps to capture more granular details of the candidate’s skills, preferences and experience. With every round of pre-screening, the SmartProfiles™ become more relevant and high reusable for other jobs.

Value-added services for better hiring and better lives

We offer a range of value-added services for both employers and jobseekers. Interview set-up for purchased SmartProfiles™, skill assessment tools, job tips and career counselling services for deserving candidates to find better jobs, and much more.

India's No.1 Pre-Screening Company, MeraJob serves both jobseekers and employers.

Job Seekers


We help you find a better job

No matter where you are located, we help you find a job that matches your skills and preferences. With MeraJob.in, you can pre-interview for several such job opportunities right away (‘Interview Now’) and thereby increase your chances of being selected. Our Recruitment Executives help you identify your skills and interests to match you to jobs that are meant just for you.

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We help you hire better candidates

Improve your quality of hire and cut down the time and money spent on hiring. With MeraJob.in, you subscribe to and pay for only relevant and pre-screened SmartProfiles™ of candidates, and finding the right ones who are best suited for the role. Candidates are pre-screened by our machines to best match to your requirements. Additionally, every touch-point with jobseekers is used to curate the SmartProfiles™ on candidates who are assessed for FIT against the job description. Additionally, candidates are shortlisted based on their INTENT to join, resulting in better hiring outcomes. The industry standard dictates that sifting through 100 CVs allows you to make only as many as 2-3 job offers. By purchasing 20 SmartProfiles™, you will typically be able to make 5-6 job offers, which is a milestone conversion.

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Since it was founded in August 2012, MeraJob.in has come a long way as India's 1st Job Matching Portal. At the time MeraJob opened its doors for business, the marketplace for entry level jobs did not match job seekers to the right jobs. By building behavioural data about job seekers and carefully curating jobs, MeraJob has been able to consistently achieve much better outcomes in talent acquisition. This is our story.

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 Where we Stand

We have over 500,000 highly curated candidate SmartProfiles™

  • 2 million high-intent, active jobseekers
  • 500,000-600,000 candidate contacts per day through the web, email and our recruitment centre
  • More than 200 employers subscribed to our pre-screening solution
  • 10,000 active jobs of 1000 listing employers

In a few short years of operation, MeraJob is now India's leading recruitment pre-screening company committed to helping employers hire
Smarter - Sharper - Granular

 How it works

At the heart of MeraJob is technology with process innovation and data analytics. Also unique to us is a Recruitment Centre, where Recruitment Experts assist candidates (10 am to 7 pm, Monday to Friday) to create their SmartProfile™, evaluating suitability, scheduling interviews, providing interview tickets, video interview, to name a few services. Pre-screening is available online to both employers and jobseekers. Each pre-screening & campaign enhances the SmartProfiles™, making them highly re-usable for other jobs.

Our Job Listings is only available for active employers and these jobs only appear in search results if the employer is actively selecting candidates & logging into the system. Once the Employer posts a job on our portal, we actively link the listed job to our database of already pre-screened candidates who match the requirements.