10 Qualities For Success (Other than Exam Scores)

10 Qualities For Success (Other than Exam Scores)

In our systems of education, intelligence is commonly measured by the marks students score in their examinations. These marks may reflect intelligence in certain areas of knowledge, but are not enough to build a successful career. It is important to note that there are many important qualities which cannot be learnt in classes.

A person’s intelligence will contribute to growing his or her career to an extent, but it is only one among the many qualities for success. In addition to your marks (or even the lack of them), here are some other qualities that are important for you to succeed in your career:

1. Emotional stability

The ability to control one’s emotions in stressful situations is very beneficial in the workplace. If you allow emotions to take over, your rationality will be hampered and you will have difficulty in taking a reasonable decision. The ability to control emotions and think rationally helps in better decision-making.

2. Ability to communicate your thoughts

You may have a solution for a problem, but how you present it to others determines whether or not your solution will be appreciated and implemented in the workplace. Your capability to communicate your thoughts thus becomes essential to problem-solving.

3. Mindset to grow and improve

The willingness to face new opportunities and challenges is important to grow as a professional. Being open to such situations means that you want to constantly learn and are ready to take on new responsibilities.

4. Flexibility to handle setbacks and mistakes

Instead of losing motivation and taking a step back, one should accept that something went wrong and learn from the mistakes.

5. Passion towards your work

Good marks alone won’t provide motivation to succeed. Being passionate towards whatever task you do provides extra motivation for you to give your best shot every time.

6. Working in a team

Functioning well within a team is one of the most important factors that helps build a successful career. Whatever kind of work you do, there will always be a team involved and being able to work well with them is important to determine how far you go in your career.

7. Networking and social skills

Networking with people in your workplace is important. This should not be your only point of focus to succeed, but you should develop the ability to network with people socially.

8. Being organised

If you stay organised by planning ahead and maintaining your focus on the task in hand, your work will be done more efficiently. Time management and prioritising are effective ways to stay organised.

9. Eagerness to learn difficult skills

If you learn the same skills that everyone has, your talent will be the same as that of others. Trying to develop skills which are difficult to learn will give you an edge over others. Not only will this open up new opportunities, it will also improve your job satisfaction.

10. Empathy towards co-workers and clients

Being able to put yourself in the shoes of others will help you better understand their point of view. Empathising with others helps build better relationships with people you work with everyday.

These 10 qualities are more important for success in your career than your marksheet. It is true that marks get you to a certain point, but to find the right job matching your skills and preferences, register with MeraJob to create your SmartProfile™ today.

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