3 Ways You Could Make a Bad Impression

3 Ways You Could Make a Bad Impression

Office should be about working hard and having good camaraderie with your colleagues. Bad relationship with your peers can give you unwanted stress, and get in the way of being productive and hamper you progress.

There are some things that people do, unconsciously, that can create a negative impression about them in the minds of co-workers. Are you aware if any of these behaviours are coming from you?

Read on to find out what are some of the ways you could make a bad impression at work.

Try to attract too much attention

While nobody likes to be ignored and overlooked, trying too hard to attract attention can misfire. Being loud, being crass, being too physical with people are generally not seen as good attributes. Forcing someone to notice you will usually lead them to dislike you. Instead, you should be friendly, cheerful, and helpful towards others, and this way they will get to know you better and include you in their circle of friends.

Make uncomfortable jokes

Humour is a great way to keep the atmosphere light and happy. If you are able to keep people’s spirits up by putting a smile on their faces, then they will certainly appreciate you for it. However, be mature and know which jokes are appropriate for an office crowd. Never make jokes that are insensitive to any gender, community, or disability. Even if you think the people you are telling it to might appreciate it, you should not be a part of anything offensive. Use humour to de-stress and bring people together, not push them apart.

Ignoring your personal hygiene

Even if you are quiet and polite in most ways, you could be affecting others negatively without knowing it. This is because you can be guilty of even worse ways of intruding on others’ space. Have you done things like smoking in public areas, or not maintaining good hygiene? Did you skip a bath and think that lots of deodorant will fix body odour? Or even leave a mess in the lunchroom, or bathroom after meals? All of these are ways where your non-verbal communication is poor, and it says that you don’t care about your co-workers. So make sure your presence is neat and clean, and nobody needs to avoid being in proximity with you.

So, have you ever committed these mistakes unknowingly? Luckily, all of these can be instantly corrected and you don’t need to feel too bad. Remember that we give out verbal and non-verbal signals to all those around us. If we are good-natured and helpful people, then others will not only like us, but they will also be more tolerant of our unconscious mistakes.

Everybody deserves a good work life, and it’s hard to concentrate if someone in the room is burping or acting obnoxiously. So make sure you are not that person.

There are also some easy ways by which you can make a good impression at work. Click here to see what they are.

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