4 New-Age Skills for the Modern Workplace

10 years ago nobody knew Facebook had any use except for keeping in touch with friends, but now every major company in the world has a Facebook account on which they spend hundreds of millions of dollars.

15 years ago e-commerce was so far away from our lives that we never felt it would work in India, and now there are thousands of Indian merchants and Indian buyers flooding these online marketplaces.

20 years ago only a few percent of the population had mobile phones in India, and most didn’t even have landline phones. All of a sudden, today there are 1 billion mobile phones used all over the country, and connectivity has become almost universal.

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No work experience could prepare workers for such huge shifts, and yet now understanding these and more have become basic requirement for many roles. Here are 4 new-age skills you need to have:

1. Social Media – It’s not just for social use now, but rather one of the best ways for a company to market and publicise its products at low costs. Employers want people who can use Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and many more media in an appropriate manner for the company’s interests. This is a hard skill to learn and is much trickier than just using Facebook at home. But, that is also why it is much in demand in a social-media-crazy world.

2. Remote Working – Whether it’s a startup, or a multi-national company, working with different people in different cities is a big new reality. This doesn’t sound like a problem at first, but it can be. Remote working creates a wall between you and others where it is difficult to track everyone’s work, or for others to track your work. Teamwork becomes harder when the team is scattered, and so is fixing accountability. It takes a very organised and sharp person to coordinate working remotely.

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3. Tech Savviness – You can spend your entire day at work looking at tech tools to make your job easier, and you will never run out of them. Thanks to apps, browser extensions, and online software services, there is, quite literally, a tool for everything. Whether it is to automate emailers, manage payrolls, scrape data, manage information systems, offer customer service, and much more. You will be very impressive in your line of work if you can find and use those tools that are productivity-boosters for you. Your seniors and peers will be impressed by your resourcefulness.

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4. Adaptability – This one really ties everything else together. In a constantly changing work environment, you need to be adaptable by nature to keep up. Those who don’t will find their careers slowing down, while those who do adapt will keep rising with the times. New media, new tools, new audiences, new industries, new everything, means you can never stop in one place. If adaptability is your frame of mind every day at work, you will leave everyone else behind.

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So, remember to approach your work with these new-age skills in your mind, because if you don’t you’ll be lost in today’s workplace. No matter what your role is, you should be able to show your capabilities by becoming more efficient at these, and showing others the way. The opportunities are many, for those who are adaptable and smart.

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