5 Reasons to Work for a Startup over a Corporate Job

5 Reasons to Work for a Startup over a Corporate Job

“Move out of your comfort zone. You can only grow if you are willing to feel uncomfortable when you try something new” – Brian Tracy

Working for a Startup can be significantly different than working in a defined role in an established company with set processes. It is demanding, unsettling and fun at the same time with immense learning. If you are just starting your career, or looking for a job change and ready to move out of your comfort zone, following are the reasons why you should consider working for a Startup instead of a monotonous regular Corporate job –

1. Fantastic Career Growth

Growth in a Startup

A well-established corporate may pay more than a startup initially but after a point of time your growth
stagnates in a corporate set-up. But if you work hard and smart in a startup, your career can grow by leaps
and bounds –  not only in terms of money, but also in terms of promotions. Working for a Startup can make
you Team Leader/Manager in quick time depending upon your contribution to the success of that startup.

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2. Enormous Opportunities

Opportunities at a Startup

A startup provides unlimited opportunities to get rewarded. But the rewards come based on an incentive
based system, not on competition with your peers. The opportunities are plenty to acquire new skills and
expertise and your performance decides your promotion and raise in your salary. You can have lots
of learning and experience practical applications which will boost your confidence and make you a ‘pro’ in
whatever you do.

3. Endless Innovation and Creativity

Innovation & Creativity at a Startup

If you feel that you can be innovative and creative in solving problems or developing something, then a startup
is the right place to be in for you. Every successful startup has true innovators and give you a chance to apply
your creativity in business. Also, you’ll learn plenty working with others who share the same enthusiasm for

4. Great Work Culture

Work Culture at a Startup

Startups know and never forget to celebrate success. Lots of fun activities and parties awaits you if you are joining a

5. No Politics, Only work Talks!

One of the best feature of any Startup is that they are transparent in their actions. You don’t have to worry for bucket full of rewards if you contributing enough to the success. They work on meritocracy and politics cannot help you sail through.


Hope this would help you make your mind now and decide whether to join a startup or a corporate. If not, don’t worry! is one of the startups, India’s 1st Job Matching Portal, which provides you job opportunities, matching your skills, preferences and interests, whether it be a startup or a corporate job. All you have to do is to create your SmartProfile™ online or call our recruitment executives on 0926661555 to get your matching job.

Wish you all a happy career and better lives!

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