5 Things You Must Do to Crack the IIT-JEE Exam

To crack the IIT-JEE exam, your preparation needs to be thorough and it should begin much in advance.

IIT (Indian Institute of Technology) has remained a prestigious institution for learning and engineering technology for several decades. And, therefore, it is no surprise that the IIT-JEE exam is one of the toughest entrance exams to clear. Once you crack the IIT-JEE exam and get admission into any of the IITs, you know that your career path ahead is a promising one.

Because the IIT-JEE exam is a highly competitive one (with over 1.5 lakh students appearing for it every year and only 10,000 seats for admission), we know that adequate and diligent preparation for the entrance exam should start well in advance. More importantly, it’s useful to know what you should or should not be doing in order to stay well-prepared for the same.


Here are 5 things that you must do if you want to crack the IIT-JEE exam.


1. Time management is key

Time management is a highly underrated skill, but it becomes very significant when you’re preparing for a competitive exam. If you haven’t started preparing for the IIT-JEE exam much in advance, then it becomes even more important for you to make the most of your time.

Prepare a daily schedule to maximize your time and pack in as many hours of study as you can. However, time management doesn’t mean that you sit at your desk all day and study relentlessly. It also means being able to do certain other things that help you relax (such as reading, playing a sport, listening to music, etc.), so that you are at your efficient best.


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2. Prepare daily targets and long-term goals

Instead of getting overwhelmed by the number of things that you have to do in order to be well-prepared for the IIT-JEE exam, you should break it all down into smaller, more achievable targets. Create a master list of all the books that you need to read for the various subjects, all the question papers that you need to solve, all the help that you need to take (in terms of coaching classes and the like), and then prepare a list of daily, weekly and monthly targets so that you can track your progress and get things done on time.


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3. Solve previous years’ question papers

Get hold of as many question papers for the entrance exams of the previous years as you can. Solving these question papers will help you with three things.

– It will help you assess the kinds of questions are likely to come your way and how best you can attempt to answer them. This will guide your preparation method.
– Solving enough question papers will give you an overview of several patterns- the types of questions, the core abilities and strengths that the exam is trying to test, and the specific areas where you need improvement.
– As you solve more and more question papers, you will be able to assess the speed at which you’re answering the questions. With practice, you can significantly improve your speed.


4. Focus on improving your speed

A competitive exam is all about the speed with which you can solve tricky and complex questions without getting frazzled and ensuring that you make the least number of errors. In addition to gaining disciplinary knowledge, the speed component is a crucial one when it comes to cracking exams like the IIT-JEE.


5. Always stay optimistic

Finally, keep in mind that without an optimistic outlook, all your preparation can come to naught. Staying optimistic will help you prepare for the exam in a more methodical way. In the case that the outcome of the exam is not favourable, it is an optimistic mindset that will help you see that there are countless other good opportunities out there for you to pursue.


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While procuring admission in IIT is a great achievement, it is important to keep in mind that there are many other outstanding engineering institutes across India. To ensure that you have a great and successful career, the most important thing to do is to listen to your heart and follow your passion. Everything else is sure to fall into place.


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