6 Ways Freshers Can Impress the Interviewers

One of the most common reasons why freshers fail to get the job they want is not because they’re not competent or qualified enough. The reason is simply that they walk in for the job interview while still largely unprepared. Freshers also happen to lack the experience that often does the talking for one’s abilities and work ethic. Experience also goes a long way in helping you learn the ropes of giving a successful job interview. So when you’re new in the job market, it’s important to make a good first impression.


The purpose of the job interview is for you to convince the interviewer that you’re the right person for the job.


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Here are some ways in which freshers can impress the interviewers.



1. Ask the right questions:

The job interview isn’t just about your interviewer throwing tricky questions in your direction. Of course, it is also that, and you must be prepared for the same. But there are some useful questions that you can ask the interviewer, which will tell the interviewer that you are both insightful and interested.


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2. Stand out from the competition:

When it comes to excelling in the job interview, it is all about standing out from the crowd (and there will often a large one). With many new emerging skills and areas of interest, interviewers are keen on listening to the unique things that you bring to the table. Emphasise your strengths in the context of the job you’re applying for.


3. Show interest in the job:

Recruiters are often concerned that many freshers apply for the job without really being interested in it. You will have to convince your recruiter that you’re keen on the job. Doing some research on the role and company will help you give them an idea of how you can contribute. It is also sometimes important to explicitly state that you’re really interested in the job and that you’re waiting to hear from them.


4. Watch your body language:

What you don’t say sometimes counts as much as what you do say in the job interview. A firm and confident handshake, an upright but comfortable posture, appropriate hand gestures and reasonable eye contact go a long way in creating a good impression for the interviewer.


5. Talk about yourself:

The necessary details are already captured by your CV, so instead of repeating your qualifications and work experience, you should talk about what you have learnt, what you aspire to, and what your career goals are.


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6. Don’t worry about your qualifications: In this day and age, employers are more interested in your skills and the things that you can do on the job rather than what your qualifications or marks are. So, it’s a better idea to work on enhancing your skills that are relevant to the job.


As a fresher in the job market, the most important thing for you to do during the job interview is to practice, prepare well and be memorable!


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