7 Career Killers That You Didn’t Know About

These 7 simple workplace tendencies can actually become quite the career killers.

Settling into a comfort zone at work may seem comfortable at first, but it can lead to some habits that are likely to turn into career killers. Be sure to avoid the following tendencies to stay ahead at work and be successful at what you do.


1. Not keeping up with technology: In this highly digitized age, more and more jobs are now being automated and the employees who don’t stay updated on technology are slowly being phased out. Because most other jobs today are tech-based, it is important for you to embrace every new facet of technology to stay ahead at work. It is equally important to keep your skills updated to remain employable.


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2. Procrastinating habitually: Procrastination is a vice familiar to most of us, and we often find ourselves in situations where it becomes impossible to get the work done. This could happen for a number of reasons; the most common one is to be stuck in a job we don’t like. Regular procrastination can be quite the career killer, and it must be avoided at all costs.

3. Restricting yourself to the job description: Make sure your job description doesn’t become a box you stay confined within. It’s important to be proactive at work and to experiment with new tasks. Stringently adhering only to what you’re supposed to do could potentially damage your career.


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4. Having a great sense of entitlement: It’s quite alright to sometimes feel like you deserve more than what you’re getting—whether it is in terms of recognition or pay. But feeling overly entitled and expressing an undue sense of entitlement should be avoided. A good alternative is to speak to your manager about it.

5. Not being a team player: Most jobs are collaborative in nature, which means that you need to work with your teammates in the most productive way possible. You must look to build healthy relationships at work.


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6. Being invisible to your boss: While it’s a bad idea to be an attention-seeker and to indulge in reckless and impulsive behaviour at work, it’s also equally important to avoid being invisible to your boss. Your boss should know who you are and for all the good reasons. Make sure that your boss is updated on how you’re adding value to the company.

7. Not networking enough: Networking and getting to know as many people as possible (at work and in the industry) is helpful when it comes to exploring new job opportunities. More importantly, staying connected with the right people can help you stay updated on the trends in the industry.


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To succeed in your career, it is most important to find a job that you love.

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