7 Life Lessons We Can Learn from Children

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we decided to put together some surprisingly simple life lessons we can learn from children.

Let’s face it—children aren’t always the most precious and beautiful people around. They can often be a handful- they’re brazen, they’re bratty and they do what they can to have things their way. But having gotten all that out of the way, children can also make great examples for us adults on how to lead our lives. Children are wonderfully carefree and live life with great abandon, enjoying every moment.

So, why do things change so much for us in adulthood? Does adulthood really have to be as grim and tiresome as it often is?

On the occasion of Children’s Day, we decided to put together some surprisingly simple life lessons we can learn from children.


1. Make the little things count


Make the little things count.

Have you noticed how children don’t spend days—or even hours—dwelling on things that make them sad? They live for the little things. Whether it’s your favourite cup of coffee or a walk in the park, find your happiness in the little things. It is where happiness truly lies!


2. Every day is a new day


Children don’t take failure seriously—until we teach them to. Not only should we stop doing that to them, but we should begin to unlearn the significance we assign to failure. Failure and success go hand in hand, and we must learn to take failure in our stride. Each of us will have our fair share of failure, but the important thing is to never stop trying.


3. Never stop learning


Never stop learning.

It’s interesting to observe how eager children are to grow up. And in this earnest longing of theirs, they forever want to know more. Their curiosity about things around them and their hunger for knowledge is worth imbibing. Meet new people, read as many things as you can, learn a new skill, and nurture a hobby. Most importantly, don’t stop asking questions. Because there’s no better way to learn.


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4. Be imaginative


Be imaginative.

Children don’t draw the strictest of lines between the real and the imagined. As adults, though, we’re afraid to be free with our imagination. We try to stay within the boundaries of the real and the practical. By letting your imagination take flight, you’ll be doing the same things in innovative and creative ways.


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5. Be expressive


Be expressive.

Unlike children, we grow up to suppress our emotions and say less and less about what we truly feel. Whether it’s disagreeing with an opinion or feeling sadness upon loss, we find it difficult to be expressive. This is also one of the biggest barriers to good communication. Be in touch with your feelings and don’t be afraid to express them. It’s the key to enhancing all kinds of relationships—personal and professional.


6. Do things your way


If something feels right to you, go ahead and do that thing. If others disapprove, make an effort to help them see your point. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you are argumentative or obstinate, but retaining a sense of how you’d like things to be is important.


7. Do what you love


We spend a large part of our lives as adults doing the many things that we ought to do. In that, we lose sight of what really makes us happy. There’s always a way—and a practical one—to do what you love. Make it happen!


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