7 Qualities Recruiters look for in a Job Interview

Qualities your cv must show
Once you have cleared the first round of a job interview, it is only half the battle won. HR Interviews look beyond your technical acumen and knowledge.

There are mainly two kinds of job interviews: Technical Interviews and HR Interviews. Technical Interviews are mostly restricted to the details of the role that you are applying for. In a technical interview, you will be asked questions that will tell the interviewer about your knowledge of the field.

HR Interviews, on the other hand, are more comprehensive in scope. Typically, in such an interview format, the HR personnel will try to learn more about you as a person to see how well you fit into the workplace and how efficiently you will perform the role. These interviews can include questions about your goals, your preferences, your routine, and other interests. Sometimes, the questions in an HR interview may not be directly related to the role that you are applying for.

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Here is a list of seven qualities that most HR personnel look for in candidates during a Job Interview:


  • Enthusiasm: Are you really excited about the job that you’re applying for? Recruiters don’t want to hire someone who is hardly interested in the work. Display your enthusiasm for the work by talking about what you know about the company, its goals, and how you think you can contribute.
  • Competence: Recruiters will want to gauge how good you will be at the role. Problem-solving abilities and being able to use your skills and knowledge on the job is what counts towards your competence. Reading the job description carefully before the interview will allow you think over the ways in which you can use your strengths and abilities to perform better.
  • Diligence: Companies want to hire people who are willing to work hard and put in their best effort. Keeping up with deadlines, attending meetings, being regular and punctual at work, and working with dedication and sincerity is something that the recruiter expects of the potential hire. Arriving for the interview well before time is a good indicator of your punctuality.
  • Flexibility: Most jobs require some or the other kind of teamwork. You should be able to work amicably with other people. Recruiters want to make sure that you are easy to get along with and are comfortable working with others. Provide the interviewers with examples of having worked efficiently in a team.
  • Courage: Challenging situations and problems are bound to arise in most jobs. Recruiters try to assess if you have what it takes to face these difficulties and work on them efficiently. If you have handled such situations in previous jobs, it is a good idea to bring them to the recruiter’s notice.
  • Communication Skills: Perhaps the most underrated of all qualities is communication skills. Every job requires you to have good communication skills. More than just language skills, good communication is about presenting your work, thoughts and ideas in a clear and comprehensive manner. Providing brief and relevant answers to the interview questions is a good indicator of your communication skills.
  • Career and Life Goals: Finally, recruiters want to get a sense of your personal and professional goals. Your outlook towards your career and your life will give them a good idea of how you will fit into the company. Having a few personal and professional goals that you wish to work towards is always a good idea.


The HR personnel could either ask you a set of questions that will reflect the relevant aspects of your personality, or they could ask you to speak about your qualities, skills and interests. Keep in mind the aforementioned qualities that recruiters look for before you walk in for that interview.

Good luck!

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