7 Reasons Why You’re Not Getting A Job

How to dress for a job interview.

We recently listed out a bunch of things you can do to put an end to that spell of unemployment and find a good job as quickly as you can. In keeping with that, let’s take a look at the 7 (probable) reasons why you’re not getting a job. Of course, there could be multiple reasons for the same, but these 7 have been observed to be the most common ones. Despite being qualified, skilled and competent, it is very likely that you don’t find a good enough job; sometimes just about any job becomes hard to come by! Examining some of the common reasons as to why this happens can help us correct these practices and find the way to our dream job.

1. You’re applying to too many jobs: You may think that you’re hedging your bets by applying to several jobs in the hope that you’ll hear back from at least one of these places. However, applying to too many jobs is never a good practice because it doesn’t allow you to focus on any one application and prepare for the interview adequately. It’s a better idea to shortlist and choose from job options that you’re qualified for so that you can prepare accordingly and adequately.

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2. You’re not qualified for the jobs you’re applying for: By applying to too many jobs at once, you’re also obviously applying to at least some that you’re not qualified for. This could mean that the job requires skills and knowledge in an area that is different from that of your expertise. But if you want to explore wider territories and apply for such jobs, you will have to convince the employer that you’re fit to be considered for the role (perhaps by speaking of any relevant experience in the field).

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3. Your CV doesn’t describe you: Not only is the CV the most important document in your job search process, it is also the only document that tries to tell the employer everything about you before the employer gets to know you. If your CV does not capture your skills and strengths as effectively as it can, you’re missing out on a fair number of job opportunities. Switch to MeraJob’s SmartProfile™, a CV++, that captures your skills and preferences in an easy-to-read infographic resume format so that the employer can know what you have to offer right away.

4. Your CV is falling short: It could be something as small as a typo, but errors and inconsistencies in your CV can easily put the recruiters off. The information on your CV should be clear, consistent and free of all kinds of errors. To ensure the veracity and accuracy of your resume, and to get noticed by employers who are looking for candidates just like you, create your SmartProfile™ today.

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5. You don’t have an online presence: In this highly digitized age, not having an accessible online presence is no longer an option. With new-age job portals like, jobs that match your skills and are highly relevant to you can easily be applied to. Becoming familiar with online profiles—either as a candidate on our job portal, or on social media channels such Facebook and Twitter– should be useful in making your presence more accessible to employers across geographical locations. The first place where employers look for candidates when a job opening comes up is online. You need to be present online.

6. Your social media presence is unimpressive: It’s important for you to keep your social media profiles free of very private or very contentious information. If you must post pictures, status updates or any other information that is likely to make the employer re-consider you for the position, you must ensure that you maintain the privacy of your accounts. Nowadays, it is a better idea to use your social media profiles to enhance your career opportunities and to showcase your skills rather than to post very personal information.

7. You’re not looking in the right places: We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again. The right job is found only when it is looked for in the right place. A job qualifies as a good one only when it recognizes and makes use of your skills and takes into consideration your various preferences.

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