7 Time Management Tips for Everyone

7 Time Management Tips for Everyone

We may be different from each other in a million ways, but time is a great leveller. Time gives us all only 24 hours a day—no more and no less. Sometimes, the very same twenty-four hours don’t seem to pass and, at other times, they just don’t seem like they’re enough. The truth is that we all can find the time to do the things that we really want to do, but for that, we must stop procrastinating necessary tasks. And when we finally get down to getting something done, we must do that in the most effective manner so that we can save time (to spend it on the things we love).

The following are some time management tips that all of us could use to get more out of our twenty-four hour days.

1. Use a clock to check the time: This may sound a bit inane, but there’s an important function that a basic clock or wristwatch serves. Over the last few years, we’ve gotten too used to checking the time on our phone. The mobile phone, unfortunately, is one of the biggest sources of distraction today. Every time you use your phone to check the time, you also end up checking your messages, social media, and whatnot. Nothing drains your time faster than that.

2. Take frequent breaks: While it may seem like a waste of time to do, frequent but short breaks can enhance productivity. The key is to use your break to do something you really like or something that instantly rejuvenates you, without letting it stretch beyond the 5-10 minutes you devote to the activity.

3. Why do you procrastinate? If you find yourself to be a habitual procrastinator, ask yourself why you procrastinate. Blindly following time management tips is not a lasting solution, and you’re bound to fall back into the same trap. We tend to procrastinate for a few reasons. Sometimes, the task we’ve set up for ourselves is too challenging and we fear failure, or the reward/goal at the end of it is not promising enough. Whatever be your reason, find it out so that you can do something about it and alter the task at hand or the end result accordingly.

4. Delegate tasks: At work, it’s important to delegate your tasks to people who are capable of performing them effectively. When you’re working as part of a team, it is essential to make use of co-workers’ skills and strengths. By doing that, you can focus on the tasks that you like and are good at. Being able to delegate work is an important facet of leadership skills, which is a criterion for success.

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5. Stay ahead of time: Whether you’re setting out for a job interview or making your daily commute to work, it goes without saying that you must reach on time. But it is almost inevitable that you’ll encounter traffic glitches and other such delays. The best way to be on time (and to have time to spare in general) is to start early.

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6. Stay (very) organised: If you tend to lose track of time, miss deadlines and exceed your time limit, it’s time to get organised. Use a calendar, set reminders and alarms, create elaborate to-do lists—basically, do whatever it takes to be mindful of your deadlines and don’t exceed the time you set aside for a particular activity.

7. Limit distractions: Whether it is the constant ringing of your phone or the incessant social media alerts that distract you, identify the biggest source of distraction for you and limit that while you’re at work.

Perhaps the most useful time management tip is to figure out where all your time is going, and then see how you can solve that problem. The goal, ultimately, is to find the time to do things that you really want to do. More importantly, good time management skills are a necessary prerequisite for a successful career.

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