7 Ways To Instantly Improve Your Communication Skills

Good communication skills are on every employer's checklist when looking to hire.


There’s little debate on the idea that communication skills rank high on that list of life skills. Whether it is in social situations or at work, it is absolutely necessary for you to get your thoughts and ideas across in an effective manner. However, it is a mistake commonly made to confuse communication skills with language skills. To clarify at the outset, good communication is more than just about your language skills. Nevertheless, this is not to make a case for neglecting your language skills. But while you’re working on polishing the language, it’s important to make sure you’re also working on communicating better.

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Here are some ways in which you can hone your communication skills:

1. Speak your mind confidently: Don’t hesitate to offer your opinions, views or suggestions in situations. This, of course, does not mean that you should always have something to say. It’s important to put some thought into your words before you speak them.

2. Watch your body language: Non-verbal cues i.e. your body language is an integral part of good communication. Maintaining eye contact, using hand gestures, and other such cues go a long way in helping you connect better with others.

3. Sharpen your language skills: The correct and effective use of language is the very basis for good communication. The better your language skills are, the greater is the scope of your communication.

4. Engage your audience: Make sure that what you have to say is valuable/interesting/meaningful to your audience in some way. If you find your listeners losing interest in what you’re saying, there’s something that you need to change.

5. Listen and empathise: Understanding your audience is a crucial part of the communication process because good communication essentially establishes a connection between two people. The first step to doing that is to listen to what others have to say carefully and attentively. This will enable you to respond to them better.

6. Share some mirth: Infusing your conversations with a little bit of humour can keep the interest alive and put people at ease. Humour also enables people to bond better and generates positive vibes.

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7. Maintain a calm and positive attitude: Although communication is about expressing a wide range of feelings, thoughts and emotions in many more ways than one, it is important to try and keep a calm and positive attitude when attempting to connect with others. It is in this way that others tend to best receive our ideas.

Good communications skills are much sought after by all employers and organisations, no matter what role you’re applying for.

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