8 Customer Service Skills for Call Centre Employees

Customer service can be a tricky job, especially when it’s over the phone. To tackle all kinds of tricky situations, here are some customer service skills..

Customer service can be a tricky job, especially when it’s over the phone. The client will generally contact you when he or she has a problem and is unable to solve it.

Sometimes, this situation can lead to a lot of anger and frustration on the client’s part, which makes it even harder for you to figure out what the problem is and how you can solve it.

To tackle all kinds of tricky situations over the phone, here are some customer service skills that you must build:

1. Patience: Clients often call you when they are helpless and frustrated. Listen to them patiently until you find out what exactly the problem is.

2. Attentiveness: When the customer is explaining the problem to you, listen carefully. Customers don’t always use the correct technical terms for things. They may not be conveying things very accurately. You must listen carefully to really understand what the client is really trying to tell you. Secondly, this practice also helps you take note of the typical problems that arise with the product/service.

3. Good communication skills: In addition to being an attentive and patient listener, you must speak clearly and in simple terms so that the customer can understand you easily.

4. Knowledge of the product: You must have some basic knowledge of the product or service about which the customer is calling. This will enable you to tackle some basic problems and will also help you decide where to refer any further or more complex problems.

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5. The use of “positive language”: Convey messages to the client in as positive a manner as you can. This does not mean that you distort facts or information. However, instead of saying something like, “You will not be able to use your phone for another week”, you could say something like, “Your phone will be perfectly functional in a week’s time”. This helps the client feel more assured.

6. A calming presence: When customers call feeling overwhelmed by their problem, you need to keep your cool, tell them that you understand, and assure them that you will help them to the best of your abilities. In those flustered moments, there is nothing more than your calming presence that the customer needs.

7. Time management skills: Your goal is to solve the customer’s problem in as efficient a manner as you can. While still being patient, you must know the quickest way to address the problem. In the case that you cannot assist the client with the problem (it may be beyond the policies of the company or some such situation), you must be able to get to that point without wasting any time. There are always customers waiting in line.

8. Objective oriented focus: The main objectives when you are on this call are to figure out what the problem is and find the quickest and most efficient solution to the same. Apart from that, the company may set aside some other objectives for you while attending to customer calls. The idea is to never lose sight of the objectives.

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