8 Reasons You Might Be Perfect For Data Entry Jobs

A multigenerational workforce can bring in the much-needed variety to organisations.

Data Entry Executives are required in all industries. Every company has to manage their data. It is one of those jobs that requires basic skills but is very important for the day to day working of a company. Thus, it has constantly been in high demand.

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But jobseekers who think that it will be easy to get such jobs are mistaken. Despite its requirement, managing databases gets more and more complicated as the company starts to grow and expand its operations. Moreover, the advancement of technology has also expanded the scope of a data entry job. No more is it about simply punching numbers.

Let’s take a look at the essential skills required to land a job as a data entry executive.

1. Basic computer knowledge: Data entry executives have to enter information on a computer using the mouse, keyboard etc. and thus need to know how to operate computers.

2. Ability to learn and adapt to software: Softwares such as Microsoft Word, Excel, Google Spreadsheets and other database and record management software are required to manage databases. A data entry executive should either know how to use them or be able to quickly learn on the job to use them.

3. Fast Typing Speed: Because the job entails managing a large volume of data in a limited amout of time, candidates with a fast typing speed have a good chance of getting such jobs. Average requirement ranges from 30 to 45 words per minute. Practise can improve your speed.

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4. Typing Skills: Only fast typing speed won’t be enough. The executive also needs to be good at typing while avoiding mistakes. Any mistake due to inaccuracy can potentially be damaging for the company.

5. Using the mouse: Using the mouse in coordination with the keyboard efficiently is very useful in saving time. All data reporting software requires the use of both keyboard and mouse; making using them comfortably together an important aspect for such jobs.

6. Written and communication skills: Data entry executives these days don’t just have to enter data. With the redefinition of their job scope and responsibilities, they are supposed to interact with various stakeholders and teams. Communication and constant interaction with co-workers is a given, for which good communication and writing skills are essential.

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7. Concentration: Data entry requires long hours of entering and maintaining accuracy in data. Therefore, a high level of concentration is required to avoid errors and poor quality of work. The executive should be well aware of the data he/she is in charge of and should not just blindly enter or ‘copy-paste’ data.

8. Patience: Data entry work is highly repetitive and you will have to spend almost all the time on the same kind of work. Therefore, patience is an important virtue appreciated by companies looking for data entry executives.

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These are the skills that can help you land a data entry job. The best thing about data entry jobs are that the skills can be learnt easily through practise. So, focus on practising and improving while letting your SmartProfile™ help you get the job that you want!

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