Are you ready for jobs of the future?

The ideas of work and employability are evolving rapidly. To ready ourselves for jobs of the future, there's only one thing that we need to focus on.

The job market today is changing more rapidly than we could have ever imagined. What had seemed like the ‘future of work’ has almost become a reality today. In another five years, we will find that a large number of jobs that we do today will be done by machines.

Rapid technological advancement and artificial intelligence will replace manual labour to a great extent, leaving millions of people across the globe without a job. In this scenario that we can clearly foresee, what should we do to remain immune to these changes and to remain employable?

In the age of automation, our survival in the job market depends on being able to bring much more to the table than a robot ever could. It is not simply that millions of jobs will cease to exist because of automation. The very same technology will be responsible for creating another couple of million jobs. But they will be very different in nature from what we know today, and we must ready ourselves for this new kind of employment.

The answer to this problem is surprisingly simple—it’s all about the skills.


Hone your skills

Artificial intelligence can perform prescribed tasks very efficiently. But it has its limits. That’s where you can add value. Communication skills, interpersonal skills, and various other valuable soft skills are those that you must build.


Focus on skills sets

Don’t stay restricted to your area of expertise and have only one outstanding skill to speak of. Broaden your horizon. Keep up with a mix of technical skills and soft skills. You want to be employable for what only you can bring to the table. With your unique set of skills, you can become a whole new person who can be extremely valuable to the organization.


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Stay up to date with technology

The future lies in the hands of technology, and it is technology that will define the jobs of the future. To remain relevant in the job market, it is essential for you to stay updated on technological advancements and make use of technology in every way possible to do a better job.


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Think transdisciplinary

With the future of work changing as much as it is, we will find that for any kind of job you will need to think outside of disciplinary boundaries. A variety of skills, the knowledge of more than one discipline, and being adept at many knowledge-based undertakings at once is going to be of immense value.


With all these changes underway, it is important to note that degrees and qualifications are now of little relevance. Employers will hire you for your skills and your ability to adapt and learn. The goal, now, is to redefine the way we understand employability and to be ready to change with the times. With the idea of work reinventing itself, the time has come for us to reinvent ourselves. The more you embrace the change, the more successful you will be in whatever you choose to do.


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