4 Entry-Level Job Opportunities for MBA Freshers


Today there are numerous MBA colleges mushrooming in various parts of the county. Although these colleges charge hefty fees, they often do nothing in terms of making the students industry ready. Thus, fresh MBAs from these colleges often find themselves in a situation where they cannot go for any job that demands MBA qualification. Thus, it can be good idea for them to work in any entry level job for some time and cultivate professional skills that’ll help them grab a better opportunity in future.

So, you’ve graduated from a MBA college recently? But in case if you are having a hard time landing a managerial job due to lack of professional skills, then you are not alone. With the decreasing number of jobs for MBA freshers, many educated youngsters today are finding it hard to land a managerial job that they opted for in the first place.

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Lack of professional skills and zero organisational experience is the main problem here. So, it can be a great option for you to start your career with some entry level jobs and gain some experience first.

So, here are 4 great entry level jobs for MBA freshers:

  1. Sales co-ordinator: Be it retail or real-estate, a sales co-ordinator is high in demand today. In most cases this job does not exactly ask for a MBA degree. But you’ll need great interpersonal skills and persuasion capabilities to succeed here. The number of job posts advertising sales coordinator jobs in Delhi, reflects the high demand of this job. Moreover, it can be a great platform to polish your interpersonal skills.
  2. HR recruiter: If you have done your MBA in Human Resource Management, then this can be the perfect job for you to start your journey. Here you’ll collect invaluable organisational experience and practical insight about the industry as a whole.
  3. Direct marketing executive: This can be sales based as well as service based job and has its relevance across many industries. In direct marketing you have to talk to the consumers on one on one basis and market the products or services or even ideas. This job is the best platform to horn your confidence, presentation skills and management abilities.
  4. BPO/Telesales jobs: If verbal communication is your strong point, then this is one job that’ll give you ample opportunities for career growth. Most of the good BPO and Telesales companies today provide extensive communication and behavioural training that can prove to be effective for you. Moreover, with the boom in this sector, availability of this job is no problem at all. You can search for BPO or Tele sales jobs in Gurgaon, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Bangalore, Pune or any other city in the country.

Now that you know the best jobs to take up to hone your professional skills, you can choose any one of these, depending on your capability and interest. Check out for some great job listings for MBA freshers.

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