5 guaranteed ways to get a salary increment that you want

5 guaranteed ways to get a salary increment that you want

Who does not want a good salary increment? I wish there was a secret formula to get what you desired. But unfortunately there is none.

Here are few proven ways to get a good salary increment


1) Do your job well & go beyond the call of duty
Focus on doing your job well… really well. Have a clear understanding of the success measure and continuously work towards it. If you think, you need training or mentoring to be a better performer, ask your manager. There are occasions when the manager expects you to do more because it is the need of the hour. Do not shirk away from the responsibility. Actively take up tasks which are beyond what you have been allotted. At the end, the manager will not just look at your performance but also your hunger.

2) Be a Smart Worker
Be innovative at what you do. Hard work is important but smart work is better. Try to find out ways and means by which you can achieve the objective with much less effort. Share your ideas with the team to make the team better.

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3) Keep learning
Technology is causing significant changes in the way we work. It is important to be up-to-date with the latest tools and techniques. Use after hours / weekends to do reading, learning and practicing the skill. If required, attend a course that will equip you for the next role.

4) Note down your success stories
It is always a good idea to keep notes of what you did well and what you could have done better through the year. You can use this in your annual progress review to have a fact based discussion about your performance.

5) Know the job market
Have a good understanding of what your true worth is. Understand what other companies are paying for a role similar to yours. This information will be useful when you discuss your increment with your manager. It also ensures that you are not being un-reasonable with your expectations.

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