A Day in the Life of a Telecaller

A Day in the Life of a Telecaller

A Day in the Life of a Telecaller

What does a telecaller’s job entail?

A telecaller spends a typical day at work communicating with clients and customers over the phone. There are mainly two kinds of telecalling jobs. Telecallers usually work at call centres either as marketing/sales agents or as customer care agents. Sales agents make calls to customers in order to sell their goods/services. Customer care agents attend to customers in need of assistance related to the goods/services.

Either way, a telecalling job requires you to spend a large part of your day talking to people on the phone.

What are some of the main issues that telecallers face at work?

Because telecallers spend much of their time at work talking to strangers on the phone, it is likely that they will often find themselves talking to rude, impatient or abusive customers/consumers. Such calls can sometimes be humiliating and disappointing for telecallers. Apart from that, some telecallers may find talking on the phone for extended durations to be monotonous, unsatisfying and not challenging enough. Working night shifts is also another issue that telecallers may face.

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How do they resolve them?

One of the best ways to handle an angry or abusive customer is to be patient and to attentively listen to his/her problem. Once you have understood the problem, you must figure out the best possible solution that you can offer to the customer. Allowing the customer to vent and to remain calm and sympathetic, especially by putting yourself in their shoes, can work wonders. As a telecaller, you can benefit by sharing your problems/difficulties while talking to agitated, rude or impatient customers with your co-workers, who are often going through similar problems.

A telecaller’s day at work can often be hectic, but timely recreational breaks while at work can be very helpful and invigorating.

What do telecallers dislike the most about their job?

Having to be either persuasive or understanding while dealing with difficult customers is surely a taxing part of a telecaller’s job. Some people may find the job monotonous and tiresome, while some may find the same kinds of things to be exciting and interesting. Having to adhere to strict and lengthy schedules and working night shifts are some other commonly disliked aspects of a telecaller’s job.

What do they like the most?

A telecaller’s job, however, comes with a host of benefits. For many, talking to a variety of different people through the day can not only be interesting but can also be a great learning experience. Telecalling teaches you how to communicate with all kinds of people, thereby enhancing your communication skills. It also teaches you to be a more patient and understanding person. Apart from that, a telecalling job is open to everyone who has the basic qualifications (graduation) and good communication skills. If you have a degree and the requisite skills, then the perks and benefits (often with a great salary) of a telecalling job are open to you!

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