Most Indians spend so much time and effort in commuting and then rest at work: PM Modi

Indians commuting

Here’s what PM Modi had to say recently about an often experienced but unaddressed challenge that working Indians face every day


It has a deeper meaning not only for the huge working class of India but also for the employers.

In fact, it is rare when a senior Govt. functionary publicly acknowledges the messy situation of Indian traffic and commute. The harsh traffic conditions of India actually snatch away a substantial portion of time and energy, which could be spent more productively at work.

Some Facts and Stats
As per the Delhi Traffic Police website, there are over 96 Lakh vehicles plying on the roads on Delhi alone. This gives us an idea of the overall traffic situation across India. Indian cities have a high vehicular density due to high population. And this high density leads to traffic jams and delays. The opportunity cost of this is massive and addressing this issue alone can have a significant impact on work-life, well-being of employees and India’s GDP growth. The most affected are people who cannot afford high rents and are pushed to the outskirts for renting their homes. People in senior roles are more insulated due to their ability to rent or purchase accommodation closer to work.

Also, with increased entrepreneurial activity and new small enterprises springing-up, work places of some of these smaller companies are closer to the outskirts. While large companies can afford to have their offices in commercial hubs, smaller companies (which incidentally are generating more jobs) are coming closer to where their staff live i.e. in more remote locations. By doing so they are also saving on rentals.

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Why this statement is important
This remark coming from the PM indicates an increased sensitivity within the Government about this important issue affecting the Indian working class. While the leaders are generally immune to the traffic conditions due to the special facilities they enjoy. This statement by PM Modi indicates that the Government is seized of this is issue and key policies to address this may be on the anvil.

How the Government can help

Road conditions: Better roads and enforcement of road discipline is very critical. Some important drives enforcing better road discipline are underway.

Public transport: Urban transport models should be studied in major global cities. For instance, solutions like metro and other urban commute solutions have a deep impact on the traffic situation.

Vehicle ownership policies: Duties and surcharges on vehicle ownership can deter people from over indulging on vehicle ownership.

Car pool and other solutions: The Government can provide incentives to people and companies encouraging the use of car pool and other such community based solutions that help reduce vehicular density. The internet and social media are also throwing up some amazing opportunities here for easy commuting.

Improved monitoring: It is also required to better train traffic officers and sensitize them towards intelligent monitoring and coordination of the traffic to reduce jams

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