When will I get a job? Mystery decoded!

When will I get a job? Mystery decoded!

Thinking about when will you get a job? Your dream job may remain just a dream if you are only relying on your Stars (Horoscope) and Google baba!

Here’s a list of people who became very successful later in life, but at the start they found it difficult to find the right job.

1) Walt Disney – who founded Dinsey and created Mickey Mouse
2) Superstar Rajnikant
3) Ang Lee the film director and producer who made the iconic film – Life of Pi
4) JK Rowling the famous author of Harry Potter

None of them relied on astrologers or astrology to find their preferred vocation. They did it through hard work and smart work!

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In our last blog we told you how helps you find a job matching your skills, abilities and interests. Finding the right job is never easy. But it can be done. What it needs is action. Do not blame your luck. Take the responsibility of your job or career in your own hands. Leaving it to God or seeking help of Google baba or may be an astrologer is not going to help. You must have heard many people saying, “pata nahi kab meri job lagegi, meri to kismat hi kharab hai”.
Google analytics have revealed that many people in India search for ‘when will I get a Job’ on Google’s search page. This shows that most of the job seekers are getting frustrated of getting irrelevant job e-mails/sms after searching & applying on conventional job portals and struggling to get a job of their preference and liking.

What should you do then?

Rather than finding an answer to ‘when will I get a Job’, your focus should be on ‘how will I get a job’. Here are the few tips:-

1) Search and act SMART!
Register yourself on new age job portals like where you can create your SmartProfile™ instead of boring CV/Resume, apply to matching jobs and get pre-screened. This will improve your final selection chances by 80%

2) Do not blame your luck. Take action!

Do not lose heart or get disappointed if not selected the first few times. Examine your strengths and weaknesses. Work on your communication skills and other weak areas. Do not take short cuts, work hard. Here are some interview tips which will help you go better prepared for the next interview.

3) Celebrate and spread happiness!

Taste of success is always sweet. Hard work, determination and perseverance make it much sweeter. But do not forget to share your valuable learnings with your friends and family. Feedback is very important especially for those who are still on the wrong way of job search.
Also, refer job opportunities to friends, family and acquaintances who are searching for a job or considering a change from their present job. You will get rewarded with shopping vouchers and more if your referral gets selected from

4) And if you need a job urgently and want an interview now, call us at 09266-1-5555 now to speak to our recruiter.

All the best and wish you all a better career, better life!

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