After Graduation what do I do?

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As it is, it is difficult for new graduates to find a job. If the new graduate does not where to begin, it is even tougher. Agar aap soch rahe hain ke, “What do I do now?” here are a few things to consider:

1) Ho sakta hai ki graduation ke baad aapko apna ‘perfect career’ na miley. This is normal.

2) You will probably have many different jobs and careers in your lifetime. No job or career is permanent.

3) Don’t be afraid to change your mind. Aap chahein to apna career badal kar phir se start kar saktey hain. Yeh bhi normal hai.

4) App logon ki salah le sakte hain ki aapko kya karna chahiye par final decision has to be yours. It will be your first decision as an adult. Exciting!

5) People want to help you. Unki salah leejiye. Par uske baarey mein scohiyega zaroor. Not all advice is automatically good.

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6) Agar aap salah le hi rahe hain to ek se zyada logon ke salah lein. Ask 8 0r 10. Aur phir compare the advice and see which is best suited to you.

7) The careers that you already know about are only a small percentage of what is available today. There are hundreds of options available. Dekhiye aur carefully choose keejiye.

8) Zaroori nahin ki jis cheez mein aap maahir hain wahi aapke liye theek hai. Many times, what you are good at may not be the best career option financially.

9) Kisi be skill, profession ya job ko master karne ke liye time lagta hai. Enjoy the journey to the top as it is very satisfying and enjoyable.

10) Aap kar saktey hain. Do not be afraid to take risks.

11) Money is important but it should not be the only reason for you to take any job.

12) Money aur power ka ek alag hi nasha hota hai. But a job based only on money and power will never give you the satisfaction in the end.

13) Sab kehtey hain, “ follow your passion”. But don’t be disappointed if you don’t know what your passion is. Look for it.

14) Don’t give up too soon. Sahi job dhoondhne mein kai baar kafi waqt lagta hai. Haar mat maaniye. Every successful, happy person got that way by trying different jobs and then finding the best one suited to them.

15) Kisi bhi kaam mein aapka plan ‘B’ zaroor hona chahiye. If your decision is not a good one, tab aap usme se kaise baahar niklenge? Mostly we don’t need to use a plan ‘B’ but we must always have one.

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