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One Phone Call. One phone call can change one’s life

Have we not seen this on ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’ ? You make a call, answer a question or two, and  if you’re the chosen one, you go on to the hot seat and make all the money that your skill / knowledge can make you.

This is exactly what happens at Mera Job India (MJI). You make a call, speak to our tele-recruiters, answer a few questions. We schedule you for an interview, if you’re selected, the job is yours! What a similarity between KBC and MJI !

But then, that’s where the similarity stops. At KBC nobody calls you back. Nobody will help you get the money. At Merajob we understand that its not always first time lucky. Our team is always on the lookout for employment opportunities. They will help you succeed by educating you on various ways of becoming successful at securing jobs, finding opportunities for you and matching your preferences of location, role, and industry while finding a suitable job for you.

They do it relentlessly and religiously ! Calling you at regular intervals to keep track of changes happening in your life. Noting new skills you acquire. Advising  on how to acquire new skills and even asses your skills and suggest ways to improve it. All this with the sole motive of getting you a job of your preference.

Now this is something I haven’t seen in my 30+ years of working experience with various companies. I have hired hundreds of people for various jobs. There are recruiters,recruiting agencies, and there are head hunters in the market. But they are all  just job brokers. They bring the job seeker and job provider together and make money if a deal is struck . That is their primary motive.

But the fact is that the deal between the Job seeker and Job provider is left to chance. Of course one could call Merajob a broker in that sense too. The difference is, MJI takes extra efforts to ensure that the chances of striking the deal increases by ensuring proper match making and skill trainings, as the case maybe.

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MJI, by it’s extraordinary methods ensures a jobseeker gets a job of his liking, this makes MJI stand apart in todays hustling job market.

This new venture dragged me out of my relaxing armchair, after spending almost a year and a half of retired life. This opportunity for enabling the youth to make better lives and make a difference to society was too big to let it pass by. Here I am, making the lives better for those who make lives better. I am the part of the team that keeps the “heart” of this “job matching” engine running smoothly, the “CRM”.

Also check out Merajob’s unique offering, the Smartprofile, which has changed the way we look at the CV for the better.

Being part of this “job matching” engine, in turn makes my life better, purposeful and enriching.

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