Career Opportunities in Sports: Are you game?

Career Opportunities in Sports: Are you game?

In a country with much passion for sports, the career opportunities available are abundant and making a career in it is not limited to being a sportsperson. In addition to a wide offering of sports specific courses and training, there are various other career fields that link up to the field of sports.

Despite such opportunities, the huge demand of professionals in sports and allied fields is not met by our current education infrastructure for the same. Therefore, students who have not studied sports-specific courses but can somehow relate to the area through their studies and are passionate about it can still make a fruitful career in the sports industry.

This year on World Athletics Day, let’s look at some career opportunities in sports:

Sports Journalism: You don’t necessarily have to be a student of journalism to pursue a career in sports journalism. With a sound knowledge of sports and good writing skills, sports journalism can be a career option for you. There are many sport websites and blogs in need of young budding writers with a passion for sports.

Physiotherapists and Fitness Experts: Sportspersons need to keep fit at all times, for which they hire fitness experts. Each sportsperson and sports team has a group of experts to help them manage their health and fitness and to avoid injuries. One can pursue such a career after studying physical sciences and physiotherapy.

Sports Medicine and Nutrition: Nutrition is an important aspect for success in sports. Anyone pursuing studies in nutrition and diet sciences will be of great value in sports. Despite all care, injuries do happen, for which medicine experts are also in great demand.

Sports Marketing: If you have observed the promotion of IPL, Pro Kabaddi League and Indian Super League, you can very well see the extent to which sports marketing has evolved in India. From managing PR and branding activities to creating content, there are a lot of opportunities to make a sport a successful one.

Event Management: Sports events are elaborate affairs, and it takes the expertise of an event manager to oversee the entire event. Seating, logistics, catering, crowd operations, etc. are some aspects that need to be managed to make the event a success.

Facility Management: Playing any sport involves specialised infrastructure. Some useful skills and expertise to manage that infrastructure are civil engineering, risk management, use of technology, logistics, accountancy, etc. As more and more specialised facilities for different sports are established in India, the demand for related jobs also increases.

Sportsperson: With our country’s improved performance in the Olympics and the Commonwealth Games, cricket is not the only sport with opportunities. New and improved facilities means that you can pursue a career as a sportsperson in any sport, be it athletics, badminton or swimming. Passion, talent and hard work are important if you want to become a professional.

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Sports coaching: Coaching and instructors are fairly respectable careers in sports. However, one requires a lot of experience in that particular sport or a related field to become a coach. Freshers should focus on administrative and assistant roles under different coaches.

Several institutes under the Sports Authority of India (SAI) offer relevant courses and scholarships. There are other local level scholarships and courses available as well. The perception that only being an engineer or a doctor can promise a fruitful career has long changed. With the rising interest in studying different vocational courses, employment opportunities in India are now a mix of rare opportunities and a huge influx of backend jobs.

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