Diary of a Job Seeker – Day 3

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Spectacular achievement is always preceded by spectacular preparation.

– Robert H. Schuller

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Dear Diary,

I am now preparing for my interview. Yes, I have an interview scheduled after 2 days with that big Bank. I did mention it earlier, right? Well, Team MeraJob had sent me an email giving job descriptions of two jobs and I chose to give the bank interview first and use the experience to prepare for the other interview. Rishika also has an interview the same day as mine and we are preparing together for our big day.

We browsed the internet to find out interview tips and techniques. We found the best tips on the MeraJob website. Based on all the research on interviews tips all day today, I have listed down a few questions that I am going to first prepare for. All these questions seem to sound very basic but very often the simplest questions are the most significant ones. So, the first question is:

1) Why do you want to work for this company?

Rishika’s Uncle who works as a Senior Manager at a Management Consultancy told us that this question displays the amount of research the candidate does to get ready for the interview. All candidates know a lot about themselves and their aspirations. Only a few have the competitive edge of knowing a lot about the organization and its aspirations.

I do want to get that competitive edge and so I am going to going to prepare well for the question by reading about the company, its aims and strategy, its industry sector, its products and people.

Second question is:

2) Why do you want this job?

I read on the internet that we should try and turn this question into a selling opportunity by using a double answer – what you will get out of the job and what they will get out of hiring you? It should be reasonably easy to answer this as long as you’re going for the right job. If it is very difficult to answer this question, then ask yourself if this is the right job for you before you go for the interview.

To prepare for this question I am going to find someone to role-play the interviewer and try out with them the actual words I am going to use.

There are few more questions I am preparing for and I am going to tell you about them tomorrow. I need to find out someone to role-play the interviewer now. I feel a little confident about how my interview preparations are going on. Looks like achievement is going to be preceded by preparation.

See you later


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