Diary of a Job-Seeker- Final Episode

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Veni , Vidi, Vici

When Julius Caeser won battle of Zela he sent a letter to Roman senate that read Veni (I came), Vidi (I saw), Vici (I conquered) and in my context I won the battle of interview process. I prepared well, I attended the interview and I conquered the job. Yes, I am finally going to begin my professional journey. And to celebrate my success, Rishika and I are going to dine at our favourite Chinese restaurant today. She is going to pay for it as my depleting pocket money figure is almost extinct now. But, once I get my first pay-check, I am taking her back there. But before I taste some Chinese recipe I will share my interview success recipe with you all.

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I choose to call these my 10 Commandments to a successful interview:

  1. I showed up on time, in fact I was 10 minutes early
  2. I was dressed professionally (a formal plain shirt and trousers)
  3. I was well prepared (knew what the company did and what job role I applied to)
  4. I was calm and composed (guess all those role-plays proved very effective)
  5. I let the interviewer speak and did not interrupt *I asked questions when I did not understand something
  6. I demonstrated passion to work with organization and my willingness to learn
  7. I mirrored the body language of the interviewer (Read this on MJI’s blog)
  8. I spoke with clarity in my speech
  9. I had my cell phone on silent mode (may sound not a big deal but yes it is)

Above can be your 10 commandments to success too. Prepare well, read tips- (I read almost all the blogs on the Mera Job India’s site), role-play and most significantly stay confident and you will be able to conquer your dream job. I have to leave now as Rishika is here. But I will continue sharing my experiences with you, but not as a job-seeker anymore but an employee

See you later


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