Diary of a jobseeker – Day 2

Smartprofile Alisha

Regardless of age, position, business we happen to be in, all of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEO’s of our own company: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called ‘You” —Tom Peters

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Dear Diary,

My marketing lecturer had quoted above in one of her class lectures and today I am thinking of it. The more I think of it, the more sense it makes.

By the way, did I mention that yesterday I got a call from MeraJob team? Yes, I received a call from them and I finally have my SmartProfile™ created (I am kind of excited about having one and relieved too at the same time). Having my SmartProfile™ created took only a few minutes and the best thing is that it was created for free. I did not have to pay anything at all (you know how I have already confessed about my depleting pocket money graph).The person who called me from MeraJob was a gentleman named Nitin. He was extremely polite and helpful person and he asked me questions like my basic details, my educational background and most importantly my job preference. This job preference question had me thinking for few minutes. Preference? I never really thought about it. But, Nitin helped me through this dilemma. He asked me questions like if I like to speak to people, or like to be behind the scene etc and that’s when I realized I love talking to other people and never realized it could be a skill. So, without wasting any more time I told Nitin that I would like to get a Sales role. He informed me that there are openings for fresher’s in different companies for sales aspirants. Great, I am this close to be employed and I have options as well. Nothing gets better than this. Nitin suggested two jobs for me, based on his interaction with me. One is for this really big bank as a Sales Executive (a big grin dominated my face as this is the bank where my Dad too has an account) and the other one is for this start-up firm as a Sales Co-ordinator. I requested him to send me the job descriptions for both so that I can decide as start ups are also a great place to start one’s career and learn lots of valuable lessons (my cousin Ankur says this often).

After speaking with Nitin from MeraJob, I immediately called Rishika today and asked her to call MeraJob to get her SmartProfile™ created as well. I asked her to call and did not stress on giving a missed call ( Rishika has a postpaid plan unlike me). I did mention about Rishika yesterday, right? Rishika is my best friend and knows so much more about the real world than me. When I say real world, I mean the world where people have to go to work, make ends meet and are self-dependent. Rishika and I cannot wait to experience it (however we are told that grass looks greener on the other side), and with my SmartProfile™ being created I feel one step closer.

I need to build my own brand and brand Alisha needs to be informed and confident. I will prepare well for my interview and will plan what I would like to present myself. After all I am applying for a sales job – if I cannot pitch my skills right, how will I ever get a chance to pitch for anything else?

And yeah, something just flashed on my phone. It’s an e-mail from Mera Job with the job descriptions enclosed. Looks like before I get the actual job, I have to be the Head Marketer for building the brand called ‘Me’.

See you later


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