Diary of a jobseeker – Day 4


When you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it. – Paulo Coelho

Coelho is my favourite author, and this quote is from his bestseller The Alchemist. I have read it few times and one phrase that remain absorbed in my memory is the quote I mentioned above. If you have not read the book I am sure you have heard the adaptation of the quote in SRK’s blockbuster Om Shanti OM where he says “Itni shiddat se tujhe paane ki koshish ki hai, har zarre ne milane ki koshish ki hai”. And, I too believe that when one wants something with all his heart and dedication towards it, things happen. So, tomorrow as you know I have my life’s first job interview, I want the universe to conspire in helping me to achieve positive outcome of my interview.

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I mentioned yesterday that I prepared for few basic questions that are asked in an interview and also did a role play with Rishika. Today what I am going to do is to research more about the company by going to their website. Rishika’s uncle said it’s a must to do as interviewers expect interviewees to know general details about the company they apply to as it reflects a jobseeker’s seriousness about the job he/she has applied to. Also, it helps in answering to the most common “wrap up” question in the world of interviewing which is “Do you have any questions before we conclude?” He further said that to this wrap up question most of the interviewee’s will say No and smile contentedly in the interviewer’s direction but No may demonstrate the interviewer that you are eager to get out of the batter’s box. So, he suggested that in order to make my chances better than the other contenders I should answer this and ask a simple question as an expression of interest and appreciation, and as a signal of the research I’ve done on the target organization. So, I thought through this and I might answer this question something like this:

“I have read through your website and after knowing about your organization, I am deeply committed to the goal of working here. I’ve a question that seems more important than any other: What do I have to do in order to win this job, so I can start making a contribution here as a full-time employee ASAP.”

I think this could help me conclude my interview in an effective manner. Well, I still need to read a lot on website and know my future employer better. Alright! Not yet but potential future employer Ok, I will write after my interview tomorrow to let you all know how my interview went. I am not worried or anxious anymore as I know that journey is the reward, no matter whatever time it takes to reach to the destination and this interview is my very own journey into the professional world.

See you later


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