10 Industry Segments Booming With Jobs

10 Industry Segments Booming With Jobs

The economy may still be wobbly but there’s a lot of hope in the markets for the job seekers. While not all industries have a huge job growth to boast of, a lot of them are foretasted to do pretty well. So for all of those looking forward to making a switch as well as those gearing up to land their first step into the corporate world, the following information will help.

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The promising profiles of 2015 are as follows:

Sales – The demand for sales coordinators and managers is expected to rise by 8% since 2014.

Marketing – Marketing executives are in huge demand, the growth percentage in the demand for these profiles being about 10%

Software development – Software developer jobs are expected to rise by 15% in the coming year vis-a-vis 2014.

Nursing – The demand for registered nurses are expected to rise by 15% in the year 2015.

Engineers – Industrial engineers are also in huge demand and the projected rise of jobs in 2015 is about 9%.

Networking – The demand for networking professionals in this year is expected to rise by 7% since the previous year.

Web development – With the rapid boom of e-commerce industry and businesses going digital in full swing, the demand for web developers is expected to go up by 17%.

Health services – The demand for health and medical services managers are also expected to rise by 6% since the past year.

Physical therapy – A rise of 10% is expected in the demand for physical therapists in the year 2015.

Speech therapy – The demand for speech pathologists are also expected to rise by 5% in the coming year.

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