Global Recruiting set to Establish New Trends

Global Recruiting set to establish New Trends
Global Recruiting set to establish New Trends

Hiring volumes and budgets heat up with New trends in Global Recruiting

Various interesting trends have been reported by the 4th Annual Report 2015 Global Recruiting Trends released by the professional networking website 4,125 talent recruiting decision makers in 31 countries have been surveyed to understand where the industry is headed.

According to the report, “Hiring volumes and budgets heat up for the first time in four years. With the continued gap between budgets and hiring, doing more with less is more important now than ever before. Competition and compensation continue to be the top obstacles for attracting talent. Organizations small and large face unique challenges in recruiting, and therefore must play to their own competitive advantages. Broader technology advancements have also begun to disrupt the talent industry, setting the stage for a dynamic and exciting future for recruiting.”

Some key takeaways:


Employers continue to prefer Internet job boards (38%) and social professional networks (37%) to hire for key positions as compared to channels such as employee referral programs, company career website and internal hires.

Talent Brand

Online professional networks (61%) are becoming the preferred channels for promoting talent brand. However, company websites took the lead among leaders’ responses on what tools/channels they found most effecting in talent branding.

Data & Metrics

As compared to time-to-fill (25%) and hiring manager satisfaction (18%), quality of hire (44%) continues to remain the most valuable recruiting metric for tracking the recruiting team’s performance.

Social Media

The accessibility and connectedness of professionals online has made talent more accessible than ever.

Digital Marketing

With digital marketing tools, organizations can now segment and target talent with relevant jobs and messages at massive scale.


With the rise of mobile device usage, candidates now research and apply for work in a mobile-optimized format. Mobile is evolving as a powerful playground for hiring activities putting pressure on employing companies to adapt their brand and online assets to suit this platform.

Machine Learning

Adaptive algorithms match jobs with professionals based on profile demographics and real-time behavioral feedback.

Big Data” Analytics

As data storage and processing become cheaper, talent acquisition leaders can become strategic advisors to the business by arming themselves with data.

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