How to Create an Impressive Facebook Profile

In the age of social media, an impressive Facebook profile perhaps counts for as much as dressing right or communicating effectively to create a positive impression.

In the age of social media, an impressive Facebook profile perhaps counts for as much as dressing right or communicating effectively when you want to create a positive impression. Nearly two billion people use Facebook, which means that about one in every four people around the world has a Facebook profile. This points to the idea that Facebook has become a great leveller of sorts. You have certain set parameters within which you can create a profile for yourself. Everyone has the same tools to work with, but how you use that platform to create your profile makes all the difference.


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How you present yourself on Facebook is how people perceive you, so much so that your Facebook profile is an extension of who you are. Creating a Facebook profile gives you the chance to present yourself in the way that you want to. At the same time, it is important that you don’t misrepresent yourself on Facebook. To be true to who you are is extremely important, especially if you choose to use Facebook to authentically hone your self-image.

There are some things that can add value to your Facebook profile, as far as creating the right impression is concerned. If you’re looking for a new job, keep in mind that recruiters are known to check the Facebook profiles of candidates before taking hiring decisions.

To present yourself on Facebook in a way that creates a positive impression on no matter who looks at your profile, take the following into consideration.


Let the details do the talking

Spell your name fully and correctly, list the institutions (school, college, university) where you have studied, along with the names of the course/degree. You should also list the name of the organization where you are currently working, and the role that you are performing. It might also be a good idea to list out the organizations where you have worked in the past. Putting these details together on your Facebook profile will allow the profile to work as a mini-CV of sorts. It will also help people put you in a certain context and it will add credibility to your profile.


Look like yourself

It is a good idea to have an impressive profile picture on your Facebook page, but the key is to make sure that it is a picture of you. Secondly, make sure that the picture is a nice and pleasant one, and preferably without other people in it. The picture, which is always on a default public setting, shouldn’t reveal too many details about your life, but it should be clear enough for people to know who you are.


Maintain a private profile

Facebook sets most of your updates, photos and details to the default public setting, which means that literally anyone on the Internet can access your info. You want to make sure to change the setting for most of the updates to private (unless of course you’re posting to mobilize an audience), so that only when someone befriends you on Facebook will they be able to see your updates.


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Share selectively

Resist the temptation to share an update about everything you get up to during the day. As beautiful as your cup of coffee may look or as much envy as your holiday destination may inspire, resist the urge to post an update about everything that you do. But if something stands out as meaningful (an achievement, a celebration or a life event), you could share some thoughts about it on Facebook. However, make sure that you retain sensitivity in your tone and don’t sound like you’re bragging.


Don’t be a serial poster

Posting too much and too often can make it annoying for the friends who will be inundated with updates from you. It may also take away from the relevance and importance of the occasional updates that matter.


Share useful content

Apart from sharing personal updates, achievements and celebrations, it is also a good idea for you to share news articles and editorials, opinions on current affairs and other developments, and posts that help further the causes that matter to you.


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Be helpful

It is also a good idea for you to share posts by others that can be of some help to them. Sharing posts that include useful information, spread awareness or share experiences and ideas, can be useful for many others. If someone shares a bad or an unpleasant experience about a service or something of the sort, it might be a good idea to share that to help others avoid similar situations.


Follow the news

One of the best things about Facebook is that it can help keep you updated on news from around the world. By following news portals and magazines on Facebook, you can not only stay updated on the news but you can also keep up with viewpoints and perspectives from different places and people, which is crucial to developing your own sense of critical thinking.


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