How to answer the toughest interview question: “Why should we hire you?”


“Why should we hire you?” is an especially tricky interview question to answer. However, this is the one question to which the interviewers really want an answer! And if you’re not prepared for this one ahead of time, your response to it can make or break the deal.

Your goal, during the interview, is to convince the recruiters that you’re a better choice than all the other candidates. Without saying so in as many words, of course. Not only must your answer be clear and brief, you must also be able to highlight your skills and qualities in a quick and efficient manner. While you should maintain a distinct level of confidence, do ensure that you don’t sound overconfident or arrogant.

All the candidates that the recruiters will interview for the job are the ones who meet the basic requirements for the same. Which is why when the interviewers ask you why they should hire you, they really want to know what it is that sets you apart from the other candidates.

There are many ways to go about answering the “Why should hire you?” question. But, before we get into some good ways to answer this question, here are some things that you should NOT say when asked why the company should hire you.

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– Stay clear of clichéd responses
Saying things like “I am a very dedicated and hardworking person” or “I am the best fit for this job” doesn’t mean much. Firstly, you don’t know who the other candidates are. They are at least as qualified as you and they could very well be equally hardworking and dedicated, if not more. Moreover, simply stating your qualities is meaningless unless you can evidence what you have said.

– Never directly compare yourself with other candidates
Sure, your job during the interview is to convince the recruiters that they should hire you over the other candidates. But you should be able to convey this to them with instances of your performance, experience and skills rather than say it in as many words.

– Focus on what the company stands to gain by hiring you
When asked why you should be hired, never say things like “I really want this job”, “I need the money”, or “I am interested in (whatever work the company does)”. When responding to this interview question, you have to focus on how you can help the company achieve its goals and solve its problems.

Here are some ways you can go about intelligently and substantially answering the “Why should we hire you?” question:

– Understand the role and the position
First and foremost, you must clearly understand the requirements of the position that you are applying for. For that, you will need to read the job description thoroughly. All the candidates who will appear for the interview will have the basic minimum requirements for the job. Therefore, you need to think about what more you can bring to the position that the employers/company will benefit from.

– Identify your key skillsets and qualities
Once you have understood the demands of the role, you must think over your skillsets, knowledge and industry experience that will be a good match for the job. Do bring to light all your relevant soft skills, technical skills, industry experience, awards, achievements with reference to past jobs and roles. If you have used your skills and experience to solve problems or to come up with innovative strategies in the past, you must cite those examples.

– Read up on the company
Do your research on the company, its goals, its key challenges and its vision for the future. This will allow you to think about the ways in which you can benefit the company.

But what if the interviewers never ask you this question? You must also prepared for an interview scenario in which you will never have to directly answer the “Why should hire you?” question. In this case, you must go about answering all the other interview questions carefully and attentively, which in turn will tell them why they should hire you.

And for when the interviewers ask you directly, here are some key points to remember while answering “Why should we hire you?”:

– Keep your answer clear, short and structured, as with all answers in a job interview.

– Never memorise and recite your answers. Instead, be present and alert in the moment.

– Think about your unique skills, knowledge, experience and achievements beforehand so that you are clear about all the things that you want to bring to the recruiters’ attention.

– Focus on how the company can really benefit by hiring you. Remember that, in the interview, you are the product and you must sell your skills and qualities successfully.

– Don’t be too modest. But don’t be overconfident or pompous either

– Express your enthusiasm for the role more than for just getting the job.

“Why should we hire you?” isn’t just another interview question. It is the one that will actually get you the job, if you answer it well!

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