India’s Journey From ‘Brain Drain’ to ‘Brain Gain’

India’s Brain Gain
Trend Reversal

Trend Reversal: India’s Tech Titans rush to Silicon Valley for hiring


It is common knowledge that the much celebrated icon of America’s IT capital, the Silicon Valley abounds with Indian talent. For many decades, the smartest and brainiest IT engineers and specialists have been shifting base there for newer promising opportunities.

However, with the change in the economic situation, there are signs of a reversal in this trend. This could be a culmination of aggressive business policies of the Indian state and the overall opening up of it’s economy. As recently as May 2015, Indian e-commerce baron Rohit Bansal of headed to Silicon Valley in California to hire some exceptional tech talent. He, along with cofounder Kunal Bahl, are the men behind Snapdeal, one of Asia’s leading online retailers valued at more than $5 Billion.

“We need a few really good designers,” Bansal explained in an interview this past spring. “Not too many products get built for the first time in India. That expertise is far more evident in the U.S.” In return, he says, Snapdeal offers ambitious U.S.-based designers, engineers and product specialists a chance to aim their efforts at India’s market of 1.2 billion people — nearly four times the U.S.’s population.

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Bansal’s hiring efforts are targeted at Indian-born techies who came to the US around 7-10 years ago and are now keen to return to their homeland. As Bansal says, “They’ve had a pretty good time, professionally, in the U.S; but they realize that the best opportunities to make an impact may be in India.”

There are two more interesting examples of this new trend:
Punit Son, a former mobile-technology executive at Google and Motorola in the United States. He has now returned to India as chief product officer for Flipkart, a top e-commerce company.
Namita Gupta’s decided to join Zomato, Indian-based online rater of retail establishments, after having previously worked for Facebook and Microsoft.

Also a recent collaboration between the cyber giants, Nasscom and Symantec, will only hike the demand for IT professionals.

While it is a fact that the Indian techies who return to India have to accept a lower salary in terms of literal amount, however in practical terms, their living standard almost matches that of US considering the comparatively lower prices for housing and personal services here in India.

Despite this trend reversal, its not going to be easy for employers to convince indian techies, who are now used to the lifestyle in the US, to return to India. They will have to sell it like never before !

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