Indian employees get used to corporate pampering

many large companies are leading the way in deploying new measures in employee delight

Just as job seekers find it a challenge to land up with good jobs, employers are equally desperate in finding way to retain key talent. In fact, so crucial is this aspect that the HR practices of a company are often judged in terms of the average retention level of their workforce.

While an employee may decide to change a job due to various different reasons, the culture and HR practices of an organization play a major role in being able to retain an employee for longer durations.

In this scenario, many large companies are leading the way in deploying new measures in employee delight such as:

Flexi-time: A dose of flexibility goes a long way in beating the pains of official monotony. This is especially true considering the extreme traffic conditions of our country. Many progressive companies are offering the facility of flexi-time to their employees with the precondition that they need to complete the stipulated number of hours in a day. There is a flexible time frame of around 2-3 hours that is provided in the morning during which the employee can report any time without being marked as late. The out-time is then calculated accordingly.

Work from home: While most conservative companies find the idea of working from home very outlandish, yet there is a fast growing genre of companies offering that level of trust and flexibility to their employees. This facility is of course governed by certain conditions such as the employee being available, open to monitoring and able to provide evidence of work performed. Even the companies that do provide this perk, they do so with moderation by making it available only to female employees or fixing the maximum number of days that ‘work from home’ can be availed. This is one facility that can be a lifesaver to employees who have important work to be wrapped up but are unable to reach office due to some constraint. The precondition, however, is that the nature of job should be such that can be performed online from home and the employee should be responsible enough to be given this flexibility.

Office refreshments: The F&B options at certain ‘cash-rich’ companies are limited only by imagination. From cappuccino and flavored tea to soups and milk shake, all kinds of delicious beverages are available through vending machines. These are drinks that an employee can use during breaks and enjoy over a casual conversation with fellow colleagues.

Specialized restaurants: In companies with a large workforce, it becomes feasible to invite private vendors to open shop with specialized culinary delights. This concept is extremely popular in major IT companies where the daily lunch often becomes an event to talk about. Right from Chinese and Continental to Thai and Mughlai, the office cafeteria offers you a range of culinary delights to choose from.

Entertainment deals: The young Indian workforce, especially in metros, is addict to indulgence. To cash on this trend, many kinds of vouchers and discount cards are offered to employees either on festivals or as incentive awards. These can include movie tickets, concert passes, buffet offers and even massage deals.


So if you too look forward to such benefits and privileges, offer your candidature to a large company that has the culture of offering employee delight. For the start, it matters less whether you begin your career through a BPO job or an admin job. The important thing is to prove your value and contribution to your employer over time.


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