6 Mistakes that will get your CV rejected

6 Mistakes that will get your CV rejected

The most important thing to remember while drafting a CV is that the recruiter spends only 30 seconds (on average) looking at it. Recruiters are faced with endless stacks of CVs to read, and they’re looking for just about any reason to toss your CV into the ‘reject’ pile to make their job easier.

Here are six common mistakes that will get your CV rejected.

1. Too lengthy

This mistake tops the list. Always remember that the recruiter is pressed for time and is not going to look at your CV for any more than 30 seconds.

2. Bad formatting

In an attempt to stand out from the rest of the CVs, a lot of jobseekers alter the formatting and font style of their document. This only reduces the readability of the CV, prompting the recruiter reject it.

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3. Typos

Typos have a tendency to stand out in a CV and show up as glaring mistakes on the jobseeker’s part. It tells the recruiter that you haven’t bothered to edit your document.

4. Inconsistent information

When one job seems to start before the previous one ends, you have provided inconsistent information on your CV. Recruiters take careful note of details like employment dates to ensure that they are consistent. Sometimes, they will check to see if the dates provided on your CV match the ones on your social media accounts. Upon finding inconsistent information, they know where to toss the CV.

5. Too much personal information

Very often, candidates provide too much personal information right at the top of the CV. Details like your date of birth, or providing your photograph, are not of relevance to the potential employer.

6. Being untruthful

Many jobseekers tend to believe that it doesn’t hurt to exaggerate some of their achievements/roles/qualifications on the CV. In this day and age, it is very easy for recruiters to verify all the information about the candidate that they choose to. Once they realise that the candidate is lying on the CV, they will immediately reject him/her.

The CV is an important document—it is your first opportunity to connect with the recruiter and to make an impression. But if your CV falters, that first opportunity often becomes the last. With the likelihood of so many errors and chances of going wrong, how should you make the CV work in your favour?

MeraJob’s SmartProfile™ takes the CV to an all-new level. For one, we create it for you. All you need to do is call MeraJob’s tele-recruiters at your convenience, any day of the week, 8 am to 10 pm, and our recruiters will help you create your SmartProfile™. Nothing can be easier than that! You can also create your SmartProfile™ online.

Your SmartProfile™ highlights your skills, preferences, personal details, work experience and qualifications in an easy-to-read visual document. In one glance, the recruiter will be acquainted with all the relevant and important information about you. Moreover, we will connect your SmartProfile™ with employers who are on the lookout for candidates just like you.

Create your SmartProfile™ today and make a powerful impression in those 30 seconds!

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