Dress code for interview in India – How to dress in formals

Interview Dress Code

There is no need to say how important it is to make a good first impression on the interviewers, and our attire is going to affect it to a great extent.

If you are preparing for your placements and arrived here to read this article then you already understand the importance of a proper dress code in the corporate world.

Formal dress code for women:

• In India, women are often confused when it comes to dressing for an interview. The reason is they cannot decide whether to opt for western outfits or the traditional Indian formals. And since most of the companies hiring in India allow both of them,it is suggested to choose that style of dressing in which you feel comfortable.

• If you go for Indian formals, use a plain cotton salwar kameez with a plain dupatta. Avoid low-cut necklines. Preferably light pastel shades. Don’t go for very colourful clothes.

• When choosing western formals, use a plain light coloured blouse with a formal trouser or skirt of conservative length, up to the knee. Preferably dark shades for the trouser. In winters, a blazer or a conservative suit could be used.

• Avoid too much make-up and use simple jewellery.

• Wear low heels so you feel comfortable.

Formal dress code for men:

• Men can wear a plain light coloured formal shirt and tie. The trouser should be plain and of dark shade. In the winters, a conservative suit or blazer of solid (e.g. black/navy) colour.

• The tie should be simple, conservative and not too flashy.  It should match the colour of your shirt or the suit.

• Shirt should be tucked-in and shoes should be well polished.

• Hair should be neat and clean.

• Avoid jeans and T-shirts.

Also take care of the following things:

• Use comfortable cotton clothes

• Get your clothes cleaned and ready a day before the interview

• Before going for an interview, ensure that you have all the required clothes.

• Nails and teeth should be neat and clean

• Hair should not be too long

• Shoes should be polished

• Take care of your body-odour. Use a talcum/deodorant after your bath

• Try not to wear sneakers, noisy shoes, or very high heels for an interview

• Never bring chewing gum, coffee, soda iPod etc. to the interview.

• Wear a smile on your face.

For more tips and advice on your interview, check out the Interview Tips section.

Good luck!



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