The Complete Job Interview Guide

Job Interview Dress Code for Women

An interview for a job that you really want is an important occasion. And it’s only understandable that you would want to be prepared for it in every possible way. Here is a comprehensive guide to help you tackle any job interview.

1. Dress appropriately

This does not always mean that you wear your best suit with a matching tie. At some workplaces, it’s Casual Friday everyday. Make sure you read up a little and find out about the company to choose the best outfit for the interview. If it’s an office that calls for formal clothing, make sure you stick to that impressive suit. However, if it’s colourful shorts and t-shirts that you see all around, keep it casual but not too casual. You still want your interviewers to take you seriously.

2. Do your research

Finding out about the company and your role is the most important thing you should do before an interview. At all costs, it should not seem like you’re there just for the money. You have to make it clear to the recruiters that you know all about the company—the philosophy, the clientele, the sales, etc. You should be able to describe how you will be an asset to the company and how you will help them address some of their issues. You will know what the prevalent concerns in the company are only if you have done your research beforehand.

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3. Be ready for anything

Be prepared for all kinds of questions . Whether it is gaps in your employment history, reasons for choosing this company or a question on current affairs, you should be prepared to talk about it. Remember to keep calm and respond mindfully. The idea is to allow your recruiters to see how you respond to unexpected and unstructured questions. By keeping your answers honest, reasonable and convincing, you will stay on the right track.

4. Be on time by being early

Being on time is must while attending interview. You have to be early. Try to reach the interview venue at least 15 minutes before the scheduled time. This will allow you to observe the workplace, collect your thoughts and think about what you would like to say. Needless to say, your employers will take note of your punctuality.

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