Top 10 Interview Problems


We asked many recruiters about the kind of problems they face while conducting an interview. Hum jan na chahtey the ki candidate ki kin baton se interviewers pareshan ho jatey hain.  Sabhi ne ek jaisi hi problems batayin. Yeh hain Top 10 problems unke hi shabdon mein :

1. Never Turn up late

“Candiates time par kyon nahin aa sakte? Humein aur bhi interview karne hotey hain. Unke late aane ki wajah se hamara sara schedule bigad jata hai”.

“It is very rude. I made time for you, the least you can do is to come on time”.

“Agar candidates merey time ka respect nahin kar sakte toh they do not deserve this job”

2. Try not to stare blanky when asked a question

“ Kai baar hum bahut hi aasan sa question poochhtey hain aur badley mein milti hai chuppi aur blank expression.  You knew you are going for an interview, aap tayyari karke kyon nahin aaye?”

“I have your SmartProfile™ so you should be able to answer questions about it”.

“Hum sab nervous hotey hain par aakhir yeh ek interview hai and you should be expecting these questions”.

3. Do not leave your mobile on and put it on the table

“When you put your mobile on the table to iska matlab hai ki aap is interview se important kisi aur baat ke baarey mein soch rahe hain”.

“Mujhe bahut hi gussa chadhta hai jab koi candidate apna mobile table par rakh kar usi ki taraf dekhta rehta hai. This is an interview, give me your full attention”.

“Jab tak koi medical emergency na ho main candidate ko mobile nahin dekhna chahiye.  Maine apna mobile bahar nahin rakha hai to aap bhi apna mobile bahar mat rakhiye”.

4. Don’t ask me what our company does

“Are you serious? You applied for this job and did not do any background? Fail”.

“Interview ke liye prepare karna aapki jimmewari hai.  Aapko humari company ke barey mein sab jaankari honi chahiye”.

“I have got more important things to explain to the more deserving candidates. I cannot waste my time explaining about the company to you”.

5. Don’t tell me you have not thought about references

“You must know who you will give as references when you come for an interview”.

“Agar aapk ek ghante mein mujhe references nahin de sakte, I will move on to the next candidate”.

“If a candidate says he will have to think about who to give as a reference, mujhe to khatrey ki ghanti sunayi dene lagti hai”.

6. Don’t say you forgot to bring things you were requested

“I had asked you to bring certain documents and you forgot? Achhi baat nahin hai”.

“It is not difficult to bring copies of certificates and licences. It is not good when a candidate cannot follow basic instruction”.

“Sirf “Oh I forgot’ keh deney se nahin chalega. You are not doing me a favour”.

7. Don’t Start asking about salary and benefits

“Many candidates start asking about salary even before the interview has started. Ajeeb hain”.

Agar aap suitable candidate hain to tabhi hum salary ki baat karenge. Agar mujhe lagta ki aapki skills aur requirements job ke mutabik nahin hain to main kabhi aapko interview ke liye nahin bulata”.

“Have some patience. It is rude to interrupt and ask about salary”.

8. Don’t ask me for a copy of your SmartProfile™ because you want to check something

“I am not going to leave the interview to get a photocopy of your SmartProfile™ so that you can refer to it”.

“Mujhe bahut achha lagta hai jab koi aisa candidate aata hai jiske paas apne saarey documents ho”.

“Main aapka interview le raha hoon, aapka secretary nahin hoon. Aap apne documents kyon nahin laye?”

9. Don’t complain about your job search and the recruiters

“ Mujhe kai aise candidates miltey hain jo aur jagah huey interviews ki burayi karte rehte hain. Don’t forget I am also interviewing you”.

“I know the job market is tough and it is not easy to find a job, par please mujhe apne dukhde mat sunaiye. Main bas aapke interview karna chahta hoon”.

“Complain kartey huey candidates bilkul ache nahin lagte. It is not a good quality”.

10. Never complain about your current or previous employers

“Apne employers ke barey mein complain karna bhi bahut buri baat hai. I am not at all in favour of this bad habit”.

“Agar aap apne current employers ki burayi kar sakte hain, to kal aap agar kahin aur chaley gaye to ho sakta hai ki humari bhi burayi karein”.

“If candidates complain about their current employers I often think what would their employers say about them”.

Apne agley interview ke liye jaane se pehle in baaton ke baarey mein zaroor sochna.

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