Top 5 Hospitality Interview Questions & Answers

The hospitality industry is a customer-oriented one, which is your hospitality interview will be about assessing these skills and your knowledge of the industry.

The hospitality industry is a dynamic and vibrant one that offers many career choices. A job in the hospitality industry can be very interesting and fulfilling. The industry is also known to pay well.

So, if you’re looking for a job in the hospitality sector, you have to prepare well for the job interview.


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Here is a list of the most commonly asked hospitality interview questions, along with our suggested answers.


1. Why do you want to work for <Company Name>?


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The hospitality industry is a relatively small and closely-knit one, so when you apply to a particular company for a job, it is expected that you be well-versed with the company’s profile. You should know a fair bit about what the company does, its culture and its clientele.

When answering this question, be as specific as possible. Talk about:

-The unique things that the company does in terms of treating its guests and training its staff.

-How you can use your skills, knowledge and experience to add to what the company does.


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2. What do you know about <Company Name>?

The hospitality industry comprises of various elements, and businesses take great pride in the kind of work they do. Companies also pride themselves over the unique ways in which cater to their customers. In the job interview, the recruiters will try to gauge how acquainted you are with the processes and achievements of the company.

You should talk about:

-The company’s senior staff and management— the well-known people in the company, and why you admire them.

-The prominent events (promotional events, award shows, etc.) that have been organised at the company’s venue.

-The achievements and awards (reputation) that have come their way.

In addition to mentioning these things, you should also talk about why these things impress and interest you, and further motivate you to work for the company.


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3. What are your career goals in the hospitality industry?


This question is typically asked to assess your ability as well as your ambition within the hospitality industry.  Recruiters tend to find a correlation between ambition and hard work, so the more ambitious you claim to be, the more likely you are to be hardworking.

It is likely that you do not know your goals at the start of your career. In that case, you can say that you will focus on achieving the goals within the purview of your role, and as you do that, career promotion will come naturally.


4. What are your key strengths that you can bring to a role in hospitality?

Before you answer this question, keep in mind that hospitality is a customer-oriented industry. Moreover, it is fast-paced and typically requires long working hours and a deep sense of commitment to your job.

During the job interview, the recruiter will look for:

Customer service skills

-Ability to work under pressure

-Ability to stay organised and focused on tasks at hand

Communication skills

-Experience and familiarity with the industry

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5. If you get this job, how long do you see yourself staying with <Company Name>?

The hospitality industry is a fast-paced one, which also means that people change jobs as and when new opportunities are in the offing. Hotels, restaurants and catering companies usually want people who will stay on with the company and help it grow.

Some ways in which you can respond to this question:

“I would like to be here for as long as I think I am doing my best for the company.”


“I worked for <Name of Company where you last worked> for x years, which I think goes to show that I am stable and committed. As long as I feel like I am adding value to the company and the work remains challenging and offers scope for growth, I will be happy to work here and do my best.”


“I do not like the idea of changing jobs very often. Staying with your company for a long period will benefit both me and the company. As long as we remain in a mutually beneficial relationship, I would like to work here.”


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