Kya Aap Apni English Improve Karna Chahte hai?

Kya Aap Apni English Improve Karna Chahte hai

Improving English skills not only increases your chance towards a better career, it helps in your personal development outside the workspace as well.

English has been an international language for a long time, making it an important requirement for getting employed no matter what part of the world you are in. Not only does a good command over English help us get better opportunities, sometimes they are the most essential skill under consideration by employers. English can be improved in a simple manner through daily activities.

Here are some important suggestions towards improving your English which you must implement in your daily schedule.

1) Practice the four core skills anywhere anytime: Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening. Use any and every opportunity available and turn it into an English improvement activity.

2) Surround yourself with English: English speakers are available everywhere. Help create an environment for yourself where you can learn English passively by regularly listening to other speakers.

3) Develop a habit: If you travel daily using public transport, use that time to read something: a book or magazine, or use mobile apps like Hello English, MyWordBook to practice you English.

4) Practice/ Implement: Ordering something over the phone? Asking for directions? WhatsApping your friends? Want to see/read the news? Try to do it in English. The more you practice, the better you will get at it.

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5) It is alright to make mistakes: You will be able to understand your mistakes only when you make them. The first step towards correcting your mistakes and misunderstandings is making them.

6) Involve others: Let others know of your plans to improve on your English. Those willing to participate and improve themselves too will help you to practice your English skills.

Involve your family and friends to improve your English

7) New words: Maintain a notebook/digital note of new words that you learn. Try to use these new words you learn in sentences.

8) Use mobile applications: Use apps like culturealley, enguru that provide English improvement guidance. Use other apps like news in shorts etc. and communities like Quora to develop reading habits.

9) 15 minutes: Whether it is in the morning right after you wake up or in the night right before going to bed, take out at least fifteen minutes on a daily basis to read something. If you have nothing to read for a particular day, there is always the newspaper.

10) Practice from things you will enjoy: With so many options available, you don’t have to necessarily use what works for others. Find things that you have always liked (a particular T.V. series or any book) and use that to improve your English skills.

Follow these suggestions to make things easier for improving your English skills. Keep coming back to our blog for regular tips and hacks for continuous self improvement. Bookmark our page and reach a mentor with one click.

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