MeraJob partners with NSDC to bridge the employment gap

For recruiters in India, skilling is the need of the hour. Statistics reveal that 95% of India’s labour force does not possess formal vocational skills. and NSDC are addressing effectively and responsibly one of India’s greatest socio-economic challenges.

Nearly two years ago, MeraJob joined hands with the National Skill Development Corporation (NSDC), Government of India, as a partner to provide best fit jobs for a vast number of candidates obtaining certifications from NSDC’s skill development partners. MeraJob actively engages with these candidates to connect them with the right employers. MeraJob is aligned with 60-65% of job categories where NSDC imparts skill development training. This partnership marked an important moment for MeraJob to lend it immense credibility as an innovative organization that is making worthy contributions in the skills marketplace. As India’s 1st Job Matching Portal, is aligned with the vision of NSDC and the Government of India and believes that organised and effective skill development can solve to a great extent India’s unemployment problem.

Now, MeraJob is also an Innovation Partner (Non-funded) with NSDC under their initiative called Innovations for Skills Marketplace (ISM). Featured among other prestigious innovations curated by NSDC, MeraJob adds value to the lives of jobseekers, algorithmically curating job opportunities matching the skills and preferences of candidates. Matching jobs with an emphasis on skills lends uniqueness and effectiveness to MeraJob’s approach. As an NSDC Innovation Partner, MeraJob is in the process of creating a Skill Development section on its website to address the existing gap between the skills/qualifications of jobseekers and the minimum criteria for eligibility. This section would also attract jobseekers to various courses and skilling initiatives listed on the NSDC portal. Resources on are available in the form of videos, blogs and quick tips to impart requisite skills to jobseekers to help them learn and prepare better. is set apart from other job portals for its emphasis on matching the jobseeker to the right and relevant job, ensuring not only that jobseekers have access to better opportunities but also providing disruptive and cost-effective hiring solutions to employers. SmartProfile™–MeraJob’s proprietary product–is a visual document that captures all the applicable details of the jobseeker based on information provided and verified as well as behavourial data and intent. MeraJob’ s unique Recruitment Centre and portal combine to provide better engagement and hiring outcomes. The ‘Interview Now’ feature enables on-the-spot pre-screening of candidates to make the process quicker and easier not only for jobseekers but also for employers.

MeraJob’s disruptive recruitment solution is most effective in the IT, BFSI, Internet/Ecom and SME segments, with a focus on lower-end and entry level roles within the salary bracket of <20K per month. MeraJob and NSDC work jointly on several levels to improve the prospects of candidates from this segment. MeraJob keeps NSDC in the loop about all candidates placed. Another significant element of its role is to send job alerts to jobseekers from NSDC data points for different jobs and different locations.

It is MeraJob’s innovation in job matching that has created this valuable space for them under the NSDC canopy. With the use of data analytics and an effective job-matching algorithm, MeraJob has already been able to bridge the employment gap to a significant extent. And with a great synergy between their vision, MeraJob and NSDC are addressing effectively and responsibly one of India’s greatest socio-economic challenges.

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