Missed your increment? 5 ways to make sure you get one next year

Missed your increment? 5 ways to make sure you get one next year

Have you started the new financial year a little badly because you missed getting an increment? This is a big disappointment for anyone, and it affects our work in the coming year as well.

Let’s try and turn the disappointment into a challenge that we commit to – to get the entire increment next year!

Here are 5 ways to get your increment next year:

Focus on exceeding some goals

We cannot achieve every task and target, big and small, that we are given at our jobs. And, unfortunately, most of us are familiar with the feeling that we are often neglecting our core duties, and giving more time to less important tasks.

Start with a list of all the categories of work you are doing. This should be anywhere between 4-20 items. Now identify the ones which yield very little results for your performance. Now you can start cutting out these tasks from your day altogether.

In this manner, try to identify the 3-4 really core tasks you need to do, and ensure you are giving at least half of your productive time to these.

Make every decision about delighting the customer

Every role has a customer – external or internal. Some, like Sales and Marketing roles have an external customer, and some like Engineering and Facilities have an internal customer (other people in your own office who need your work).

Every move you make must be to delight the customer.

Find out what they need, ask questions until you have complete clarity, even suggest more ways in which you can help them. Don’t miss any chance to make them happy, because that shows you have done your job well.

And, like in the last point, any work that is not for the customer, should be de-prioritised immediately.

Keep notes on your achievements

We often fail to track our achievements, and let our shortcomings drive our behavior. This is not only depressing, but it is also unproductive. Moreover, by the time of our performance review we have forgotten some of the great things we have done, and that’s unfair to ourselves.

Instead, get into the habit of reviewing your achievements weekly, so that you collect reliable data on your achievements by the year-end. Nobody else will be monitoring your work deeply, so you should be self-sufficient here and not expect your boss to remember everything.

An additional benefit of this, like an athlete, you can see that you may only need to make small incremental changes every week to make a huge leap. So you will also improve your performance by monitoring it.

Learn how to handle a broader role

Increments are based on performance, and since everybody is competing to get noticed, you have to try to outperform.

Outperforming doesn’t mean you have to work 2 hours extra every evening or ruin your weekends. Instead you have to take more initiative and responsibility in the time that you have.

So, if you are asked to increase your brand’s customer satisfaction, you should not only look at what has been tried in the past, but also fearlessly suggest new ideas, marketing campaigns, customer support suggestions, etc.

Show that you are capable of thinking bigger than others, and also that you are one who sees the big picture, and not just a small peek.

Keep picking up new skills

If you don’t upgrade, you will get outdated. It’s that simple.

It is important to keep reading and stay aware of new trends in our fields. Nothing is static anymore except the basics. Think of how a programmer needs to keep learning new tools and software to build the latest and best. Similarly, you should think of how you can think like a programmer and pick up new skills.

It could be a management tactic to decrease costs, or a marketing innovation that reaches more people, or anything else that produces a benefit. This also links to the previous point, by learning new skills you can also start handling a broader role.


If you follow these tips there is no reason you should miss another increment. In fact, if you’re very dedicated, you can even get a promotion.

Of course, some office environments are not supportive and you may find that even after a lot of effort you are not rewarded. In that case you should consider a job shift. After all, you need to show that you do work that is worthy of reward.

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