New Career Options for Women

Women today are exploring several new career options that have been male-dominated for a long time. -
New and emerging career options for women.

The doorbell rings. You’ve been expecting a delivery. But when you open the door, the delivery boy is nowhere to be seen.

It is time for things to change. And the pioneer of this change in India has been Amazon. Since January this year, Amazon has initiated its pilot venture of women-only deliveries in the city of Thiruvananthapuram. The experiment has now been introduced in Chennai to further break the tradition of “delivery boys” and to enable women to embrace new career options.

Samuel Thomas, Director of Transportation, Amazon India says, “Through this initiative, we have taken the lead to engage with women, create unique relevant job opportunities and enable them to be achievers in this field.” (Source:

At Amazon, women will be assigned tasks and responsibilities that will be on a par with those of their male counterparts. As part of the recruitment and training programme, Amazon is essentially focusing on the candidate’s ability to ride a two-wheeler and to speak, read and write a basic level of English. Additionally, Amazon will also offer self-defence classes to these women, along with a helpline number in case of an emergency.

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There are numerous such career options across wide-ranging industries that have remained male-dominated for far too long. By adhering to this tradition, we’re only betraying the faulty stereotype that men are better equipped to handle certain kinds of jobs. However, having come a long way since the age of hurling spears, there is no apparent reason for a distinction to be made between the abilities of men and women.

For time immemorial, taxi drivers have been men. But thanks to the vision of Sakha and Meru, women in India can now drive taxis, offering a totally new and safe experience of commute to women passengers. Even in the fields of sports and tech, which have typically been male-dominated, we now have names of many women to reckon with.

Read about some exemplary women who chose unconventional career paths, thereby paving the way for countless other women to follow suit. MeraJob salutes the spirit of these women.

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