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We are currently witnessing a technology explosion all around us. Technology is significantly impacting the way work is done in the organizations. A lot of systems and processes are being automated fully or partially, the quality of human interface is enhancing and the speed of delivery of customer service is increasing substantively. Earlier what we were accomplishing in years is now being done in days. However, despite the availability of state of the art technology, companies are facing challenges to recruit quality manpower, especially in the case of grey collar and frontline employees.

While the requirement of grey collar and frontline employees is in bulk, they are not skilled enough to reach the job/employer that befits their background. Posting the CV on job portals with traditional processes helps the candidates and also their prospective employers only in a limited way.

For recruiting grey collar and frontline employees, companies face issues such as:

  1. Poor quality CVs Many new jobseekers are not able to draft a proper CV with the result that employers find it difficult to assess suitability of the candidate for the job and have to spend lot of time on screening the CVs. Experience shows that 25% or more CVs are not relevant to the job.
  2. Poor attendance at interview Since the traditional job portals and placement agencies follow a mechanical process to connect the candidates with the employer, gauging the personal preference and intent of the candidates is difficult. Experience shows that attendance at the interview is around 50% or even less at times.
  3. Long recruitment cycle time – Due to poor attendance, interviews have to be scheduled repeatedly. It takes a long time to select the right candidate and the recruitment cycle time till the date of joining of the new hire is high. In today’s dynamic scenario where business is transacted in real time, long joining cycle time directly impacts revenue line.
  4. Huge expense of time and money – Because of repeated interview scheduling, hiring managers have to spend lot of time for selection. When the number of vacancies is in bulk, many rounds of interviews spread over days or weeks have to be scheduled. The management has to maintain a large hiring team and/or pay a significant amount of money to the placement agency.
  5. High employee turnover in the first few months – Quite often, candidates are either not clear about what kind of job they would like to do or they are not serious about the job. This leads to employee turnover within the first few months, which affects company operations. Those who stay on with the company take a longer orientation time to become productive.

After studying the above and similar issues in great detail, MeraJob India Pvt Ltd designed its portal and business model to assist employers to recruit quality manpower in half the time and at less than half the cost. MeraJob is not a run-of-the-mill job portal. It is a job matching portal targeted at jobseekers seeking frontline jobs in sales, retail trade, customer service, delivery & logistics, accounts, reception, etc. in industries like retail, BPO/KPO, logistics, hospitality, etc. and the MSME sector.

MeraJob has revolutionized the recruitment process and outcomes for mass recruitment. Their inbound recruitment centre is a unique combination of technology and human interface. Their process facilitates jobseekers on the one hand and job providers on the other hand, making life easy for both parties. MeraJob’s advantages are:

  • Operations team reaches out to a very large base of candidates scattered in Tier 1/2/3 cities through a combination of online, offline, social media, on-ground presence and traditional sourcing methods. Jobseekers get a platform that offers relevant jobs and therefore they do not have to spend hours scanning a number of jobs. Employers get to see CVs close to their requirements.
  • Online access system facilitates the candidates to develop/edit their SmartProfile™ on their own or with the help of the MeraJob recruiter, and also apply for jobs online. The SmartProfile™ captures all the crucial information about the candidate, which is required for screening the CV.
  • The ‘Interview Now’ facility offers an opportunity to the candidates to understand job content, seek clarifications about the job from the MeraJob recruiter, understand their own areas of interest and assess their suitability for the job. The recruiter is able to assess the skill level, intent and suitability of the candidate. This ensures better job matching and better interview attendance. Additionally, the ‘Interview Now’ feature enables the candidate to take the interview at a time of his/her own convenience (9:30 am to 7:30 pm everyday).
  • The well-trained MeraJob recruiters engage with the candidates on a continual basis capturing their skill enhancement, experience enrichment, change in job profile and keeping the SmartProfile™ updated and re-usable, resulting in better candidate-job fit.
  • Interaction with the MeraJob recruiters helps the candidates improve their English speaking skills. Further, candidates can seek career guidance from the Self Improvement section to enhance their employability. Candidates do not have to go through the drudgery of applying for a large number of jobs and a consequent series of rejections. Employers receive a pool of well-rounded, employable candidates resulting in focused efforts and very high closure rate.

MeraJob is the one-stop solution for frontline jobs – both for the candidates as well as the employers.

Indu Wadhwa is Founder & Principal Consultant of Aspiring People focusing on Coaching, Leadership Development, Learning & Development, and Employability Skills for Students.

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