10 successful traits of a Field Sales Executive

10 successful traits of a Field Sales Executive

John was confused, whether he should apply for the job of field sales executive in a marketing company or look for a desk job. He spoke to his friend Ranjan, and told him that, he is not aware about the merits & demerits of a field sales job. Also he does not know what the traits of a successful field sales executive are.Ranjan laughed and explained to him that the role of field sales executives is a client-facing role which involves travelling round and holding meetings with clients and potential clients as the representative of a company.

The role also involves generating as much revenue as possible through sales of company’s products and services. Field executives are required to manage accounts and maintain client relationships through professional and semi-social gatherings. The role also involves administrative work.

Now let’s look at the qualities a sales executive should have to be successful:

1. Self confidence and polite: Sales Executive should be confident and be sure of what they are talking and selling. They should have the confidence that they will be

able to convince the customers to buy the products and services of the company. Self confidence is not arrogance, but being polite.

2. Discipline: Sales Executive should follow a discipline while being at work. He should show willingness to obey rules, follow a code of conduct and work as per norms of the organization.

3. Honest: A sales executive should be honest towards his work, organization and its customers. He should share correct and factual information about the products and services being sold.

He/she should not over promise, if they are not sure about the features, benefits and advantages of the products and services.

4. Articulation: The sales executives should be able to communicate clearly and concisely under any condition especially under pressure. Even if they aren’t experts on the subject matter, they should be able to get their point across articulately. Words like “um,” “uh” or “like” should be avoided while dealing with customers.

5. Energy: No customer/ colleague / boss want to talk to someone who sounds fake, low on energy, dull and moody. Sales executive should be enthusiastic and full of energy to carry out its work in the fields.

6. Ability to take control: A successful salesperson must be assertive and naturally take the lead. They will be speaking with different types of customers, company officials who have to be handled differently every time.

7. Ability to think on their feet: Successful salesperson should be able to think quickly, proactively and handle any situation without hesitation. They should be prepared to answer all the questions of the customer and think of quick and simple solutions without guessing.

8. Creative and Proactive: They should be able to come up with creative conversations every time they meet their customers. Think of different topic, (ink, graphic supplier, logistic, business environment, competition, payment, pricing, investment, interest rate, capital etc.). The more knowledge you know on your relevant field, the more your customer will value you.

9. Intelligence: A sales Executive must be intelligent. A sale is a data-driven field, so successful executives should be able to analyze sales data and make smart decisions based on their analysis.

10. Passion: Successful Executives should have passion for sales and they should be passionate about company’s mission too.

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