Succeed in Your Career: The Sachin Way


“It is hard to imagine any player in the history of the game who combines classical technique with raw aggression like the little champion does.” – Sunil Gavaskar

Considered a legend not only in his homeland but all over the world, Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar was born on 24th April in the year 1973. Arguably the best batsman in the game of cricket, he is the only player to have scored more than 30,000 runs in international cricket, 100 international centuries and is also the first player to score a double century in ODIs. Statistics aside, anyone who has seen him play will never forget the technique and flair with which the ‘master blaster’ gave nightmares to bowlers throughout his career.

In the same league as Viv Richards and Don Bradman, Sachin has great talent; but that greatness didn’t come without harnessing the talent through dedication and discipline, and without the passion for continuous improvement for taking himself to the next level.

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Here are some universal lessons that we can learn from Sachin’s life to help us even in the job seeking process:

  1. Don’t give up: Sachin scored only 15 runs in his debut test match. He never gave up and we all know the numbers now. If your first interview didn’t go well, don’t give up. There will be more chances. Focus on succeeding in the interviews that follow rather than delve into the past.
  1. Practise and Practise: Talent and success can only be maintained by hard work. Practise and more practise is one of the most important elements of Sachin’s groundbreaking records. Continue practising for interviews not only when they are lined up in front of you but at all times.
  1. Find a source of motivation: We all know the famous coin on the stumps story from Sachin’s early days. If anyone could bowl Tendulkar out, they would get the coin otherwise he got to keep it. Sachin still cherishes the 13 coins he earned during his early coaching days. Try to find that one thing that motivates you to work hard.
  1. Strong determination: Despite several injuries, Tendulkar kept coming back. He came back with a bigger bang than before and proved his comeback and position in the team by scoring big runs. Don’t falter if you fail because of unseen emergencies. Encourage yourself to reach your goals and work hard towards them no matter what the situation is.
  1. React positively to criticism: Sachin has had his fair share of criticism. One moment of falter and his critics were all over him. He responded to all of them with his bat. Try to inculcate the same habit in yourself. When he asked about the criticism that he faces, he said, “When people throw stones at you, you turn them into milestones”.

There are several lessons for us to learn from Sachin Tendulkar’s life. These job interviews are just matches waiting for you to be played and won by you. We wish you success with finding the right job. Make the job search easier for yourself and find jobs matching your skills and preferences (because it’s important to love what you do!). Read our blog for more useful insights and tips, and create your SmartProfile™ today.

“Enjoy the game and chase your dreams. Dreams do come true.” – Sachin Tendulkar

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