The Many Benefits of Career Counselling

The biggest benefit of opting for career counselling is that it helps an individual determine his or her true calling or potential. -
Not sure about where your career is headed?Counselling can help you make an informed decision.

Making big career decisions is always a difficult and delicate matter that requires careful consideration of your long-term goals and ambition. The questions you must ask yourself to make an effective decision are ‘Where am I now?’ and ‘Where do I see myself in the next few years?’ Sometimes, we are not sure ourselves as to what the answers to these questions are. In such cases, it is advisable to seek the assistance of a qualified and experienced career counsellor who can judge your potential and provide you with the right guidance towards an enriching career.

There are people who end up taking the wrong jobs simply because they were not provided with the correct advice.

There are also people who, although are in the right profession, find it difficult to grow due to lack of ambition or confusion over what they really want to achieve. A career counsellor can be invaluable in both these situations. A career counsellor generally uses three attributes of a candidate, namely passion, aptitude and overall personality to understand an individual. Then after careful analysis, he or she provides an educated opinion. With the gradually increasing opportunities in the market, the significance of career counsellors has also increased remarkably.

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It is highly advantageous to approach an experienced career counsellor when you are unsure about choosing the right career option. It is one of the biggest decisions an individual makes in his/her life. The right decision at the right time may lead you to the top but a wrong one can be a potential disaster in the long run, considering the irreversible nature of such decisions. Therefore, professional help in the form of a career counsellor is always advisable when facing a dilemma.

The biggest benefit of opting for career counselling is that it helps an individual determine his or her true calling or potential.

Some individuals are clear in their head about what they want to do or become. However, that’s not the case with everyone. A majority of people, especially those freshly out of college or those with little work experience, deal with confusion and frustration when it comes to making an informed career choice. Frequent aptitude tests and career counselling sessions helps such individuals to explore the opportunities and decide what they truly desire to achieve professionally. Depending on the results of the tests and sessions given by the career counsellor, the students and professionals can make knowledgeable decisions in choosing the right career path.

Another major advantage of seeking a career counsellor’s help is that it clears all doubts you may have had about building your career or even your personality. In spite of having a fair idea of what their long-term goals are, many people do not know the career path to follow to realise those goals. Some are unsure of the academic qualifications they require to excel in their profession while some are confused about how to appropriately employ the skills they currently possess. Career counselling helps such individuals to see the big picture with respect to opportunities and expectations of the various industries. People also tend to have pre-conceived notions about certain professions, which may not be correct. These clarifications and facts are often provided by career counsellors.

Apart from the two major benefits of consulting a career counsellor that have been mentioned above, providing support and motivation to individuals is another essential aspect. A career counsellor gives ample support to every individual and boosts their morale by understanding their personality and offering the right tips. Constant motivation of an individual is an extremely important aspect of career counselling. It is bound to improve the overall performance of any individual.

To conclude, the core function of a career counsellor is to provide the required guidance along with constant support and motivation to ensure that their ward chooses the right career path. If you ever face a dilemma while making an important career decision, remember that a career counsellor is just a phone call away. is India’s first Job Matching Portal focused on mass hiring and entry level segments, which are under-served by current job portals. MeraJob helps candidates find the right job, suited to all their requirements, by using a candidate’s SmartProfile™ instead of the traditional CV. For any queries or clarifications, call 09266615555 (9:30 am to 7:30 pm daily) and receive instant professional guidance.

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