Top Emerging Skills for Jobseekers in 2016

Emerging Skills for Jobseekers in 2016.

It has long been documented that India and other countries have always found it difficult to get the best jobseekers with the right skill sets. A survey conducted by the global management consultancy, Hay Group, reveals that businesses across India are reporting that it is becoming increasingly difficult to hire graduates who have the self-awareness and self-management skills to succeed in their organisations. This is the same generation that has been brought up on a liberal dose of social media and learning by rote. While economically India is much better off than before with new avenues opening up everyday and entrepreneurship taking the country by storm, there are still many skills that this generation is yet to master. Take a quick look at these emerging skills that are becoming increasingly essential for jobseekers to have:

Soft skills: With more and more businesses requiring extensive collaboration, multidisciplinary project teams and team structures, there is a massive demand for soft skills. Companies look for candidates who can be reliable, self-motivated and have good people skills. Indeed, the Hay Group Survey revealed that 80% of business and HR directors say that graduates who do not develop people skills create toxic work environments. As per India Skills Report 2014, all the students entering the job market across the country hardly meet one-third of the criteria of the employment set by the employers. Candidates often find it hard to fit in, struggle to build relationships, don’t deal effectively with stress or get their ideas across in the right way. The good news is these skills can be learnt. With the right training and attitude, one can build self-awareness, self-control, empathy for others, teamwork and influencing skills.

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Analytics: All types of businesses are looking for someone who has a proficiency in analytics. Machine learning, Big Data and the like are going to drive every business out there as companies seek to get in-depth business intelligence. Internet of Anything, Data in motion platform, Hadoop and algorithms will dominate board rooms and jobs soon enough. There is already a massive shortage of jobseekers in this particular category.

Virtual communication: We all know how communication is critical to the efficient working of an organisation. It is essential that one pays attention to what others say or do, initiative positive interactions and compliment the work done by teammates and also demonstrate integrity and behaviour—even if the communication is through virtual mediums. Jobseekers should consider listing any programs they’ve used for communicating virtually on their resume such as Skype, Instant Messenger, Whatsapp, Yammer, Dropbox, Google Hangouts and Google Drive.

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Project Management: According to the recent forecast by the Project Management Institute (PMI), there will be 15.7 million project-management positions created globally between 2010 and 2020 across seven project-intensive industries: Business services, construction, finance and insurance, information systems, manufacturing, oil and gas, and utilities. Good project managers are sought across industries. The position offers not only good money and career prospects, but also lets you travel, work across different sectors and provide challenging responsibilities that keep you in good stead.

SEO, SEM and Social media skills: While social media has been around in the country for more than a decade, its full potential has not been tapped yet. Companies are still figuring out how to reach out to candidates using their social media. Being a social media manager is akin to being a data scientist. That is because the skill sets you will need for this kind of job are strategy & planning, tactics & execution, community management, optimising content and technology, have analytical strengths and know the latest digital marketing trends. This is a creative job that has a scientific basis.

Mobile development: As mobile technology becomes a part of everyday life, the demand for developers has been soaring. Mobile app development is a really popular career choice for anyone who is looking for a career opportunity in the digital world. Just a week ago, Google announced the Android Skilling Programme in India as it hopes to teach and train 2 million Indian developers on the basics of building apps for Android operating system. Android dominates the Indian market, with 90% phones on the platform. You will need to have cross-platform coding skills, know modern programming languages such as Python and Adobe Flash Lite and be familiar with Agile Methodologies. Companies are also looking for engineers proficient in Ruby on Rails.

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Critical thinking and data analysis: Though most jobseekers seem proficient enough with their technical skills, they lack higher-order thinking skills such as analysing, evaluating and creating. Skills such as problem-solving, project management and conducting experiments and data analysis also have a large skill gap. Employers look for the ability to motivate, influence and organise others.

Behavioural traits: In this highly VUCA environment, one must be prepared to adapt quickly if need be. Jobseekers should not only openly seek diverse roles and responsibilities, but must also be open to work effectively in an ambiguous climate of changing priorities. It is necessary to be open to new ideas, consider alternative ways and work towards conflict resolution.

The government of India has set an ambitious target of skilling 500 million workers by 2022. It was in line with this target that partnered with the National Skills Development Council (NSDC), the premier skills body in the country, in 2012. As India’s No. 1 Job Matching Portal, is aligned with 60-65% of job categories where NSDC imparts skill development training. MeraJob is also an innovation partner in the Innovations for Skills Marketplace initiative by the NSDC. As an NSDC Innovation Partner, MeraJob is in the process of creating a Skill Development section on its website to address the existing gap between the skills/qualifications of jobseekers and the minimum criteria for eligibility.

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