Want That Job? Stand Out From The Competition

If the employers are to hire you, they want to see what sets you apart from all the other candidates. Stand out from the competition by selling yourself as a brand.

Recent graduates have more opportunities in the job market today than they have had in a long time. Freshers are in great demand across industries, and whether it’s a sales role or a banking role that you’re applying for, you can be assured of a lot of job options out there.


However, with greater opportunities, there are far more contenders for every job.


If you’ve found a job that you really want, the most important thing for you to do is to stand out from the competition. If the employers are to hire you, they want to see what sets you apart from all the other candidates.


Here’s how you can bring your job application to the top of the list.

  • Create a brand for yourself: In today’s highly competitive world, selling yourself to the employer is non-negotiable. What are your core skills, abilities and achievements? What has your work experience been like (if you’re a fresher, you can talk about internships, voluntary work, college projects, etc.)? Employers want you to make a clear and convincing case for yourself, and there’s no better way to do that than with MeraJob’s SmartProfile™.

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  • Clean up your social media profiles: Typically, one in every two employers will scan your social media profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) before deciding to hire you. Before you apply for any job, make sure that your social media accounts are free of any objectionable content. Too much personal information, contentious or extreme political views, private photographs, etc. must be deleted. You don’t want your social media profiles to have any content that might work against your job application.


  • Sharpen your interview skills: The job interview is an important chance that you’re given to stand out from the competition. It’s crucial for you to be prepared for all kinds of job interview questions that your interviewer might ask you. Practice is key. But, most importantly, do your research on the company beforehand. You should know about the company’s goals and vision before you walk into the interview. It’s also good to be clear about the role that you’re applying for and how you will add value to the company (your key skills, abilities and experiences).

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  • Be on time: This may not seem like a big deal, but running late for a job interview can indeed be a deal breaker. It’s important to get an early start and reach a little ahead of time. Not only will this make you look like a dependable person, but it will also give you some time to settle down and get comfortable before the interview starts.


  • Be yourself: What is it that really sets you apart from everyone else? You could choose to elaborate on any one soft skill, ability or experience during your job interview. Needless to say, the best way to stand out from the competition is to be yourself.


Stand out from the competition and get that dream job! Create your SmartProfile™ today.

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