What are you doing this Friendship Day?

What is it that we can do differently this Friendship Day? Let's think beyond the flowers and the friendship bands.

One may argue that the celebration of friends isn’t–and shouldn’t be–restricted to the first Sunday of every August. But because that is the case, it only goes to show how important our friends are to us for every one of the remaining 364 days of the year. While we spend much of our time with our friends sharing all kinds of experiences and creating memories, what is it that we can do a little differently on this day?

Thinking beyond the coffee mugs, the flowers and the friendship bands, here are a few ideas for Friendship Day this year.

Watch those movies: There are two kinds of movies that are especially enjoyable when watched with friends. One, of course, is the kind that exemplifies friendship. Bollywood has numerous examples of such movies, and some of them that stand out (and stand the test of time—quite like genuine friendships) are Dil Chahta Hai, Sholay, 3 Idiots, etc. The second kind is that which can only be watched with friends. Sometimes it could be the type of humour, or the relevance of the experience, or just the comfort of the friend’s company that could work in favour of the movie. These are the movies that you should plan to watch with your friends on this day.

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Move over, friendship bands: It’s about time we saw those friendship bands on their way out. This Friendship Day, it would be worth your while to consider giving your friends a more useful band (we risk sounding cheesy!). With an increasing focus on lifestyle choices and fitness, you could consider replacing the standard friendship band with a valuable fitness band.

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Gift a career: How we lead our lives is closely linked with the career choices we make. It isn’t rare for most of us to be confused about our careers at different stages of our life. Sometimes, we know what our dream job looks like, but we don’t know where or how to find it. While some of us may find the answers to these questions at the right place, our friends would appreciate it in ways greater than we can imagine if we helped them find the right career and job.

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On, if you see a job that you think your friend is suited for, all you need to do is refer him/her for it. What’s even better is that you will earn worthy rewards for the same. There’s no joy as great as giving. And a gift as meaningful as that of a career is unsurpassable.

This Friendship Day, do something unique with and for your friends. And don’t forget to share your experiences and memories with us!

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